2022 in Review: How Does Bold BI Help You?

2022 in Review: How Does Bold BI Help You?

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    2022 in Review: How Does Bold BI Help You?


    We are coming to the end of the year! Are you behind or moving along with us? We are continually building and working to let you have better experiences with our products. Before this season ends, check your list of enhancements needed to improve your service to get higher customer ratings.

    Also, we are just coming out of the pandemic, and your work is our priority. We rejuvenate your business with new materials for operations. In this blog, I will highlight the key information of Bold BI for this year:

    Syncfusion recognized in four Gartner reports

    Syncfusion has been recognized as a sample vendor of embedded analytics in four recent Gartner reports:

    1. 2022 Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technology
    2. 2022 Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence
    3. 2022 Hype Cycle for Finance Analytics
    4. 2022 Finance Technology Bullseye Report

    Check out our blog “Syncfusion Recognized as a Sample Embedded Analytics Vendor in Four Gartner Reports” to stay up to date with these great reports.

    Bold BI 2022’s top features working for you

    New data source connectors

    Bold BI added a connection to give users a better experience in using our products. As a user, you can now create KPIs using data from multiple sources, including Decision Lens, Zuora, Avochato, Quickbase, Yelp, Xero WorkflowMax, Zoho Books, Alma, ClickHouse, and BoldDesk.

    Publish data sources between tenants

    Bold BI now allows you to publish data sources between multiple tenants. Previously, in order to add a data source, you’d need to publish a dashboard on the other tenant. However, with this update, you will be able to easily publish data sources on other tenants. This feature will assist users in avoiding repetitive work, such as creating the same data sources multiple times.

    Webhook support

    Bold BI allows you to create webhooks to deliver data alerts, and they can also be used for standard dashboard exporting. You can enable authentication and signing for your webhook and receive webhook content in JSON, XML, and X-Form Url-Encoded formats.

    Support to configure security-related headers

    1. Setting up CORS headers: Bold BI supports setting up CORS headers on the settings page. Now, users can configure and customize the CORS setting based on policy. With this update, they can easily handle security by allowing and restricting specific origins, methods, and headers.
    2. Content security policy: Bold BI added support for configuring the content security policy. This safeguards content on your domain page.
    3. X-Frame-Option: Bold BI supports configuring X-Frame-Options to avoid loading a BI site inside the frame.

    Two-factor authentication

    Now, Bold BI supports two-factor authentication for logging in. This adds an additional layer of security to your account. This feature provides enhanced security against unauthorized access to user accounts. Once enabled, this option will prompt you to enter a verification code generated by your smartphone for each login.

    Data caching support

    To retrieve results faster, Bold BI implemented data caching to keep dashboard data in temporary, low-maintenance storage. Check the blog “Data Cache in Bold BI—Tips to Load Your Dashboards Faster” to know more about configuration, examples, and FAQs.


    In both standalone and embedded contexts, Bold BI supports theming to customize a dashboard, an application server, and an identity management server with Dark or Light modes. Check the blog “Bold BI Cloud Analytics Server v5.2 Released with Theming” to know more.

    Embed for external providers in iframe-based embedding

    Embed a dashboard, dashboard designer, and data source designer for external providers in iframe-based embedding. Users can embed a dashboard into any web application by copying and pasting the embed code. Administrators can easily embed dashboards using various authentication providers such as Windows Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect.

    Top 5 dashboard examples with the most traffic gained in 2022

    HR dashboard

    Bold BI’s HR dashboard highlights the key department in a company. It tracks employee activities and actions, manages employees, and more to create a good relationship with the employees. You can navigate to the following pages for more HR solutions:

    Learn more about the HR dashboard to understand your employees and how they perform in order to take necessary measures to boost employee productivity.

    Finance dashboard

    Bold BI’s finance dashboard tracks and monitors the utilization of resources, income, assets, and more. As a user, you will gain insight to manage your investment. Read more on the Finance Dashboard.

    You can navigate to the following pages for more finance solutions:

    Education dashboard

    Bold BI’s education dashboard helps the education field, teachers, and administrators track students’ activities, exams, enrollment, attendance, performance, and more to develop the education sector. Learn of this on the Education Dashboard.

    You can connect to the following dashboards to get more from education solutions:

    Supply chain dashboard

    Bold BI’s supply chain dashboard helps you get deep insights into a supply’s time, orders, and more. With a supply chain, you can track metrics such as inventory turnover, customer order cycle time, perfect order rate, cash-to-cycle time, and more. The insights help you effectively run your warehouse smoothly and make effective decisions to manage your business. Check the “Supply Chain Dashboard” for more interactive information on this operation.

    You can also refer to the following supply chain solutions:

    Information technology dashboard

    Bold BI’s IT operations dashboard enables users to efficiently run their business to effectively gain profits by monitoring support tickets, server downtime, and more. In this process, the IT team gains insights to prioritize tickets with and resolve them on time. Read the blog “IT Operations Dashboard” to learn more.

    You can also refer to the following of IT solutions:

    You can check here for a gallery of all the sample dashboards.

    Top 5 videos with the most views in 2022

    We believe our videos have not just been viewed, but the content has spoken to each viewer. If you have not seen them, it’s time to go through the following top videos as arranged in ascending order:

    1. How to Embed a Bold BI Dashboard in an Angular Application: The video explains how you can easily embed a Bold BI dashboard in an Angular application using the Bold BI embed SDK.
    2. Getting Started with Embedded BI-Bold BI Tutorial for Beginners: This video is key to new customers in Bold BI. It shares the basics for getting started with Bold BI Embedded Edition.
    3. How to Embed a Bold BI Dashboard in the ASP.NET MVC Application: The video explains how to embed a Bold BI dashboard in the ASP.NET MVC application using the Bold BI Embed SDK for beginners.
    4. Display Dashboards Anywhere–Bold BI Embedded: This video explains how to unlock the power of data analytics within your own applications and display them at your place of choice to reach your audiences.
    5. How to Create a Dashboard–Bold BI Tutorial for Beginners: This is a guide for beginners on quickly building dashboards of their own choice.

    Top 5 Bold BI blogs with the most traffic gained in 2022

    1. Data visualization–Importance and Benefits

    This blog shares effective tips to make your data presentation successful and impressive for your users. To learn more, go to “Data visualization: Importance and Benefits.”

    2. Build a ServiceNow Incident Management Monitoring Dashboard in a Minute

    This blog explains how efficiently and absolutely using a ServiceNow dashboard application in your company helps you receive real-time data on your operations. It demonstrates the process using incident management monitoring. Read more at “Build a ServiceNow Incident Management Monitoring Dashboard in a Minute.”

    3. 7 unique features of a pivot table

    This blog presents and showcases seven unique features to use in a pivot table. The content in it reveals how these features will help do analysis and satisfy your users. Check the main article to learn more about this: “7 Unique Features of Pivot Table.”

    4. Measuring team success with Scrum metrics and KPIs

    How essential is it to work with a team? This blog defines the measure of a team by its strengths and weaknesses. Read the blog “Measuring Team Success with Scrum Metrics and KPIs” to learn more about the power of teamwork measures with Scrum metrics and KPIs.

    5. Digital Dashboard–Driving Business Decisions

    This blog defines how important a digital dashboard is to businesses. It demonstrates different dashboards with their purpose, which guides you to choose the right one. Read the blog “Digital Dashboard–Driving Business Decisions” to learn more about its essence.

    Finally, as expressed in the highlights of Bold BI 2022, you can begin the action of running your businesses effortlessly, as this is a glimpse of what is present. You will visualize all your data and gain insight by tracking all your important metrics and KPIs in real-time.


    This year’s review is a tour on measuring and tracking metrics with Bold BI’s interactive tools. Make good use of 2022’s updates to keep your company running smoothly.

    Get started with Bold BI and try if for free to create more interactive business intelligence dashboards. You can contact us by submitting questions through the Bold BI website, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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