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Azure Sentinel SIEM is now Generally Available

At the end of September, Microsoft made its new cloud-based security software, Azure Sentinel, publicly available (GA). A security information and event management (SIEM) program, Sentinel collects data across an enterprise’s systems, cloud and enterprises, and analyzes it through machine learning and AI to detect and adaptively respond to any anomalies. It delivers security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise. Cybersecurity teams can investigate incidents or proactively hunt for security issues.

About Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel was in public preview from February, gathering input from 12,000 users. Some of its features are still in preview, such as its deep investigation tools designed to help security teams delve into the root cause of security threats. At the moment, though, users of this cloud-based SIEM can take advantage of the built-in security orchestration and automation for their common tasks.

The data Sentinel collects can be displayed in a dashboard in the program. For any Syncfusion Bold BI customers interested in pulling Sentinel data into their Bold BI dashboards, our developers tested Sentinel as a data source over the course of October. Bold BI and Sentinel are compatible, so the process should be seamless (and do let us know if it’s not).

Azure Sentinel, as must be expected, is integrated with Microsoft’s other Azure services, like Active Directory, Security Center, and Cloud App Security. It also continues to increase its connectors to third parties like Symantec and Cisco.

Pricing and Downloads

Microsoft has several pricing plans for Azure Sentinel but starts off at $2.46/GB of analyzed data in the pay-as-you-go plan. If you have Azure Monitor Log Analytics, you can download a free trial for a month. For cybersecurity teams already working to protect data in Azure, Sentinel seems to be a painless way to keep up with the latest in cloud-based SIEM security.


If you’ve given Sentinel a try, let us know in the comments section what you thought of it. Do you recommend it?

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