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Bold BI’s Path to AI Integration: A Road Map for 2024

Bold BI’s Path to AI Integration: A Road Map for 2024

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    Bold BI's Path to AI Integration: A Road Map for 2024


    Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have ushered in an era of significant change across various industries. AI integration into business intelligence (BI) is particularly transformative, and Bold BI is actively leading the charge in this transformation. By harnessing generative AI models equipped with natural language capabilities, Bold BI users will be able to automatically address queries, synthesize data trends, and generate more actionable insights, faster.

    Bold BI recently unveiled a preview version of its first AI feature: the Q&A widget. This tool possesses the capability to comprehend natural language input from users and subsequently generate Bold BI charts in response.

    To learn more about the Q&A widget in Bold BI.

    Bold BI’s conversational AI assistance

    Bold BI is developing a conversational AI system to meet the rising demand for adaptable and instant data analysis. This groundbreaking system will transform traditional dashboard design by using natural language queries to generate relevant visualizations.

    Visualization prompts

    By harnessing advanced language models, Bold BI simplifies the interpretation of complex datasets, allowing users to effortlessly create charts by expressing their needs as a prompt, like:

    • Show me the top 5 products driving last month’s sales.
    • What’s the revenue from each country?
    • Show the number of customers in the USA.

    This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for extensive data analysis skills, empowering non-technical professionals to independently derive actionable insights and expedite decision-making.

    Direct queries

    In addition to visualizations, there are instances where textual responses prove more meaningful, such as queries like:

    • Which country produced the most profit last week?
    • How many customers didn’t purchase product X?
    • Is revenue higher compared to last week?

    For questions like these, a text response is enough.

    Bold BI’s conversational AI assistance caters to a diverse range of queries, providing answers in both text and chart formats as needed. By providing multiformat responses, Bold BI enables users to extract insights efficiently, enhancing decision-making processes in data analysis.

    Customization prompts for dashboards and visualizations

    While Bold BI’s AI assistance can generate visualizations from natural language inputs, you may want to customize the initial visualization output to align with design and style guidelines. Users typically adjust chart properties manually through code or in a menu, but with Bold BI’s AI assistance, they just use a prompt.

    Some customization prompts might be:

    • Highlight the most sold product in green.
    • Change the x-axis name to Products.
    • Increase the title font size by 2 pixels.

    This means Bold BI users don’t need to worry about understanding chart properties; the AI adjusts them based on natural language inputs. Users can iteratively modify a visualization until their requirements are met, and then import it into the Bold BI dashboard designer. This speeds up turnaround times for dashboard publishing by reducing manual effort, thus boosting productivity.

    AI-driven textual reports

    Converting chart insights into textual summaries enhances comprehension and adds a professional touch to reports. Bold BI plans to utilize a large language model (LLM) for chart comprehension and data analysis, which will enable businesses to generate concise textual summaries. This feature virtually eliminates the effort required for manual analysis and report creation.

    By leveraging this advanced feature, Bold BI users can:

    • Generate accurate textual summaries of dashboard insights.
    • Reduce the risk of errors inherent in manual analysis processes.
    • Schedule the regular generation of textual summaries and deliver them via email.

    By automating the composition and delivery of dashboard summaries, users can focus on critical tasks while staying up to date on key metrics. This seamless process reduces the need for constant monitoring, optimizing time management and improving overall productivity.

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    Bold BI is using AI to improve the dashboard design and analysis experience, saving users time and effort. With conversational AI support, users can create and modify charts using simple language, accelerating dashboard design. It can also answer data questions with text responses, helping users understand their data without extensive chart analysis. Furthermore, AI-generated textual summaries alert users to important insights, cutting down on manual monitoring time. These AI-driven advancements are poised to shape Bold BI’s future, empowering smarter decision-making and success in a data-centric world.

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