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Bold BI Cloud September 2019 Update Released!

Since Syncfusion’ launch of the new Bold BI Cloud dashboard solution three months ago, we have been working on fulfilling some highly demanded features, such as for widgets and data sources. Now, it’s time to reveal them. We are excited to announce our latest update to Bold BI Cloud rolled out today.

Feature summary

This release update comes with a remarkable set of new features and improvements:

Map widget enhancements

Bubble maps and choropleth maps are now available as one map in the toolbox, with property settings added to switch between these types.

Users can also configure tooltips for any data column(s) whose value needs to be displayed.

Bind the latitude and longitude data columns as locations in maps that are highlighted by markers enabled by default.

latitude and longitude positioning in map widget that are highlighted by markers along with a customized tooltip displaying while hovering a region
Latitude and Longitude positioning highlighted by markers

Map regions can be drilled down to next level in the hierarchy. For example, continent -> country -> state/counties. Currently, this will work for all continent maps until country level, for U.S. and India maps until state and county levels.

bold bi dashboard map widget showcasing drill-down support
Map widget with drill-down support

Map data is available for the following countries: Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, and all states of India.

New widgets

KPI Card is a new widget replacing the existing card widget in the toolbox. This widget is preferable when there is a need to compare actual and target values. You can configure the tile image and background image as either static images or through an image-bound data column. Also, there are sparkline and customizing options, such as font size and color, that can be enabled for each of the elements.

bold bi kpi card widget showing revenue status
KPI Card showing revenue status
bold bi dashboard kpi card widget showcasing revenue status along with sparkline showing its distribution over a year
KPI Card showing revenue status with sparkline
series view of bold bi dashboard kpi card widget
Series view of KPI Card

Combo Chart is another new widget allowing you to configure measure values in two different axes (primary and secondary y-axis). You can change each of the measures’ chart types to some other relevant chart type.

bold bi dashboard combo chart widget showing primary and secondary y-axes
Combo Chart showing primary and secondary y-axes

Color customization improvements

Now you can bind colors to widget elements bound with one metric based on another metric.

Distinguish values that lie within a range better through gradient coloring. Also, rule-based conditional formatting now supports a percentage-value type.

gradient coloring illustration in same series of chart
Gradient coloring illustration in same series

Define each category in a tree map with individual colors.

Conditionally display different icons as part of a column value in a grid widget.

icons listing based on conditions in grid widget in bold bi dashboard
Icons listing based on conditions in grid

In general, most of the color customization options differ based on the widgets.

Forecasting with time-series data

Forecasting time-series data using an exponential smoothing technique is now supported in line and spline charts.

forecasting in line chart using exponential smoothing method in bold bi dashboard
Sales Forecasting in line chart using exponential smoothing method

Usability improvement in Smartsheet connector

Now frame the URL endpoint automatically by navigating to the required report or sheet in Smartsheet using a new file browser wizard.

file browser wizard in smartsheet data connector
File Browser Wizard in Smartsheet Data Connector


This blog article gives you a brief summary on each of the feature included in this update.

Now, Bold BI offers solutions for the  Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical industries, too. To learn more about Bold BI, sign up for a live 30-minute free demo with our experts. Bold BI also offers enterprise and embedded dashboard solutions. Read this blog post for more detail.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please use the comments section available below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the Bold BI contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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