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Bold BI Enterprise and Embedded – April 2020 Release

Today we released Bold BI Enterprise and Embedded v3.2. It’s a  huge release since it delivers many much-awaited features, enhancements, and improvements. We’ll look at each of them in this post.

You can download the latest version of Bold BI from your account page. If you are new to Bold BI Enterprise, get a trial download. New users to Bold BI Embedded may download one from this page.

New dashboard widgets

In a text widget, you can replace the existing label widget with rich text editing functionalities such as font, paragraph, links, tables, and embedded code.

text widget with rte functionalities
Text widget with RTE functionalities

The spline area chart widget comes as an alternative for the area chart widget. It has smooth curves connecting data points instead of straight lines.

A period-over-period widget lets you compare two different date ranges and show the comparative data in charts.

period over period widget in bold bi
Period Over Period Widget

New data connectors

The Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), with any of its database engines (Amazon Aurora (MySQL, PostgreSQL), PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, and SQL Server), can be connected using Bold BI.

Also, Google Ads, ProofHub, Gmail, and RavenDB can now be connected.

new data connectors in bold bi
New Data Connectors


Pin visualization widgets from any of your dashboards into a pinboard comprising one-column, two-column, and three-column layouts.

pinboard with pinned dashboard widgets in Bold BI
Pinboard with pinned dashboard widgets

Open query mode for stored procedures

SQL Server Stored Procedures’ query execution can be improved now by enabling open query mode. This mode is not applicable for Azure SQL Database (other than managed instances) or Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW).

openquery mode in stored procedures
OpenQuery mode in SQL Server Stored Procedures

Live mode for Web API data connector

The Web API data connector now supports live mode. So, it is not mandatory to configure an intermediate data store for data processing that takes place in cached mode.

live mode support in web data connector in bold bi
Live Mode in Web Data Connector

Custom widget

A custom widget can be configured in Bold BI. It can be any user-defined JavaScript component, Syncfusion Esential JS 2 component, or D3 component.

custom widget in bold bi
Custom Widget

Dashboard parameters

Define parameters based on a literal, a list, or a data source and use them for dynamic querying of REST API endpoints in a web data source, SQL-type databases in code view, and calculated field expressions.

dashboard parameters for dynamic querying in Bold BI
Dashboard parameters for dynamic querying

Data source preview

Preview the data directly from the data sources’ listing view in the Bold BI server.

data preview mode for data source in bold bi
Data Preview Mode for Data source

Reusing dashboard widgets

Reuse widgets from your other dashboards. Instead of creating them from scratch, you can import an already created widget along with its bounded data connection from another dashboard into your current dashboard. Doing so will create a new copy in the current dashboard.

reusing dashboard widgets in bold bi
Reusing dashboard widgets

Tabbed dashboard

Create a story linking related Bold BI dashboards organized as separate tabs and share them with your team.

tabbed dashboard in bold bi
Tabbed Dashboard

JS component for embedding

This release offers a new JavaScript SDK  a native, client-side component for embedding dashboards in your website or web application. The SDK also includes embedded APIs for passing filters as parameters to the dashboard URL, theming, and more.

Row-level security

Enable row-level security based on login emails and full names to restrict data access at the data source modeling level.

row-level security in bold bi
Row-level security in Bold BI

Setting filtered view as default

A dashboard setting has been added to define a filtered view as the default view. So, opening that dashboard anytime will render the set default view.

Autosaving view

An automatic save option has been added to enable you to save any changes in a dashboard that occur with dynamic user interactions automatically.

Other usability improvements

Asana and Infusionsoft data connectors were improved to generate URLs based on the endpoint chosen.

usability improvements in asana and infusionsoft connection windows
Usability improvements in Asana and Infusionsoft connection windows

We hope this post is helpful to you in learning about the new features and improvements in Bold BI Enterprise and Embedded v3.2. If you have any questions, please use the comments section available below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the  Bold BI contact page or, if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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