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Bold BI Enterprise December 2019 Update Released

In this first update (v2.8.14) since its launch in August 2019, Bold BI Enterprise has expanded with a rich set of features and improvements. Also, this update puts the Enterprise version on equal footing with the features supported in the Cloud version. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss the new features and enhancements included in this update of Bold BI Enterprise.

Key features

Dashboard Designer enhancements

Add more rows in the dashboard layout to hold more widgets

Add more rows in your dashboard layout to accommodate more widgets. Then, view the entire dashboard dynamically through scrolling mode.

dashboard canvas with add more rows option in bold bi
Dashboard Canvas with Add More Rows option

Improved loading performance

Initial rendering of dashboard has been improved 2x times faster than before.

Synchronize data extracts with the latest updates through advanced refresh settings

You can synchronize extract-mode-type data sources with the latest updates through advanced refresh settings such as recurring time interval, recurring type (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), and refresh start and end dates.

Embed dashboard and data source designers with less effort

Embed Bold BI dashboard and data source designers in your application with just a URL in an iframe. This doesn’t require any complex development or code knowledge.

designer embedded in webpage using bold bi
Designer embedded in webpage

Dynamic binding of data sources

Connecting a dashboard to different data sources of the same schema can be configured through the embedded URL API endpoints hosted in an application.

New API endpoints for dashboard views

REST API endpoints have been introduced to manage (retrieve, add, update, and delete) dashboard views.

New sample dashboards in demo gallery

Sample dashboards for the retail industry and human resources departments have been added:

Data source enhancements

New data connectors

Connect Presto, ODBC, and Google Sheets data sources through new built-in connectors.

new built-in data connectors in bold bi
New built-in data connectors

Background paging for REST-based web data

Paging is now supported for some REST-based web data sources, enabling fetch for up to 10,000 records in background.

background paging for REST based web data in bold bi
Background paging for REST based web data

Windows authentication in Microsoft SQL

The Microsoft SQL connector now supports Windows authentication too.

microsoft sql connector with windows authentication mode in bold bi
Microsoft SQL connector with Windows Authentication mode

Widget enhancements

New widgets available

Four new widgets have been added to the Dashboard Designer toolbox. The card widget has been split into two based on functional aspects: KPI card and number card. The other two new widgets are radar polar chart and range navigator.

kpi card series view in bold bi
KPI Card Series View
number card series view in bold bi
Number Card Series View
radar polar chart in bold bi
Radar Polar Chart
range navigator widget in bold bi
Range Navigator

Color customization options

Customize radial gauge elements like the range pointer, actual value, needle pointer, target pointer, and title color based on conditional formatting.

gradient based conditional formatting in bold bi widget
Gradient-based conditional formatting
rule-based conditional formatting in bold bi widget
Rule-based conditional formatting

Customize pivot grid header colors and grouping panel background.

pivot grid with customized grouping bar and row header background in bold bi
Pivot Grid with customized grouping bar and row header background

Apply the monochromatic color in map, tree map, and heat map widgets.

monochromatic color applied in tree map
Monochromatic color applied in Tree map

Use conditional formatting in map markers.

conditional formatting applied in map markers
Conditional formatting applied in map markers

Drill down in Map widget

Drill down in map regions to successive levels in a hierarchy. For example, continent > country > state/counties.

drill down view in map of bold bi
Drill down view in map

View underlying data

Visualize the raw data associated with a widget at runtime.

view data support in bold bi widget
View data support

Tooltip customization

Customize tooltip display items through column configuration across all chart and map widgets. Also for maps, configure tooltips for latitude and longitude markers. By default, the maps widget doesn’t have tooltips configured.

tooltip customization for map marker
Tooltip customization for map marker

Other improvements

You can now define row height in the grid widget explicitly. 

grid with customized row height in bold bi
Grid with customized row height

You can also display labels over map regions.

label display in map regions of bold bi
Label display in map regions


We hope this article reveals new features and improvements you’re excited about in Bold BI Enterprise v2.8. Try out Bold BI dashboards by requesting live 30-minute free demo with our experts.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please use the comments section available below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the Bold BI contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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