Bold BI Enterprise Edition March 2020 Update Released

Bold BI Enterprise Edition March 2020 Update Released

This release covers in-demand features, from major additions like new data connections, to smaller ones like improved usability in widgets. Let’s briefly discuss the new features and enhancements included in Bold BI with this update.

Feature summary

New data connections

Connect Microsoft SSAS, Google BigQuery, and Podio with Bold BI using new built-in connectors.

illustration for new data connectors in enterprise edition march 2020 release
New data connectors

64-bit driver support in ODBC connector

You can now use 64-bit ODBC drivers to create an ODBC data source with the Bold BI ODBC connector. To use this, you have to run Bold BI in 64-bit mode.

illustration for 64-bit support in odbc connector
64-bit support in ODBC connector

PostgreSQL as metadata storage

PostgreSQL can now be used as a metadata store. This overcomes the SQL Server requirement for handling files and web data sources.

illustration for postgresql as metadata storage
PostgreSQL as metadata storage

SSO support for embedding

Now your application can share authentication with the embedded dashboard through Single Sign-On functionality.

illustration for sso support for embedding
SSO support for embedding

Paging for REST-based web data

Data paging is now supported for the following data sources:

Custom identity providers for authentication and authorization

You can now configure OAuth and OpenID based custom identity providers in Bold BI for authentication and authorization.

Color customization

The number card widget supports conditional formatting now. You can customize the colors in the number card based on conditions you specify.

conditional formatting in number card
Conditional Formatting in Number Card

In the heatmap widget, color customization can be done across the table row-wise or column-wise based on conditions.

color customization in heatmap
Color Customization in Heatmap

Display column binding

You can now bind a display column to the list box and combo box widgets. This lets you show the row value of a display column when referencing the row value of the underlying value column.

Indicator positioning and placement

The ability to define the KPI symbol position and placement has been added to the KPI card widget.

Field-based sorting in pivot grid

In the pivot grid, sorting can be applied based on different fields.

Hidden column support in pivot grid

In the pivot grid, a column can be bound in hidden mode such that all other operations like sorting can be handled in the display view based on these columns.


We hope this article reveals new features and improvements you’re excited about in Bold BI Enterprise 3.1. Try out Bold BI dashboards by requesting live 30-minute free demo with our experts.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please use the comments section available below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the Bold BI contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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