Bold BI On-Premise and Embedded – January 2021 Release

Bold BI Enterprise and Embedded – January 2021 Release

Today we released Bold BI Enterprise and Embedded v3.3.88. It’s a huge release since it delivers many much-awaited features, from major additions like new data connections, to smaller ones like improved usability in widgets. Let’s briefly discuss the new features and enhancements included in Bold BI with this update.

You can download the latest version of Bold BI from your account page. If you are new to Bold BI Embedded, get a trial download.

Features summary

Data sources enhancements

New data connections

Now, you can connect Elasticsearch, Amazon Athena, Spark SQL, and Azure DevOps with Bold BI using new, built-in connectors.

New data connections
New data connections

Stored procedure in Oracle

Stored procedure is now supported for the Oracle data source in Bold BI.

Percentage expression for measure column

We have added support for the total percentage expression in all SQL data sources.

Server enhancements

REST API support for custom attributes

We have added REST API support for custom attributes. You can add, update, and delete custom attributes for users, groups, and sites using the REST API.

Configuration-based embedding

You can configure the isolation code and custom attribute in the configuration file to achieve the complete isolation support for sharing multi-tenant embedding solutions.

Configuration-based UI

You can use the configuration file to create custom menus. Also, you can hide or rearrange the existing menus.

Support for MySQL database

Now, the Bold BI application can set up using MySQL as the meta database.

Draft data source

Now, you can continue editing an unsaved draft data source from the data source listing page.

Azure app service deployment

Now, you can deploy Bold BI on the Azure App Service using the ARM template.

Designer enhancements

Custom attributes in dynamic connection string

You can use custom attributes to dynamically change the connection string for SQL live mode data sources.

Dedicated filters for widgets

You can now use any fields in the data source to apply the filter for the widget.

Dedicated filter section for widgets
Dedicated filters for widgets

Background customization for widgets

We have provided an option to set a background color or background image for widgets.

Font customization support

You can now customize the font of the dashboard title, widget title, and widget subtitle from the property panel in the Designer. You can also customize the overall dashboard font like its weight, size, and family using the JSON settings.

Font customization support
Font customization support

Widget enhancements


We have added support to bind dimension fields in tooltips.

Bing Maps enhancements

  • Choropleth and drill-down support in Bing Maps.

    Choropleth and Drilldown support in Bing Map
    Choropleth and Drilldown support in Bing Map
  • Load markers using postal codes and addresses.
  • View the underlying data and perform URL linking operations in Bing Maps.

Drill-down support in heat map

We have provided drill-down support in heat maps.

Drill-down support in heat map
Drill-down support in heat map

Customization in widgets

  • Change the font color in all Cartesian charts, heat maps, maps, range navigators, range sliders.
  • Set a background color or background image for widgets.

Grid enhancements

  • Change the foreground and background colors of grid rows and alternate rows.
  • Set defined widths for each column in a grid.

    Set defined widths for each column in a grid.
    Set defined widths for each column in a grid
  • Change the grid header and value font size.

Pivot grid enhancements

  • Column resize and fit to content in pivot grid.
  • Display pivot value fields in row axis.

    Display pivot value fields in row axis
    Display pivot value fields in row axis

Card enhancements

  • Defined the number of rows and columns for series cards.

    Defined the number of rows and columns for series cards
    Defined the number of rows and columns for series cards
  • In number cards, swap measure and title positions.
  • Change the alignment of number card values.
  • Use responsive font sizes in card widgets.

Combo charts

Show both bar and line type series at the same time in combo charts.

Format primary axis labels in charts

Format primary and secondary axis labels in charts.

Customize font settings of widget element

Customize font settings of widget elements from a theme file.

Custom widgets

We have added filter interaction support for custom widgets.

Improvements summary

Designer improvements

Widget configuration containers

Resize the widget configuration containers.

Performance improvements

We have improved performance in dashboard rendering in view mode.

Designer preview improvements

Preview the dynamic connection string configuration in designer preview.

Widgets improvements

Card improvements

Display a description icon for single cards.

Chart improvements

  • Trim axis labels in charts.
  • Show or hide value labels for each series.

Combo box improvements

We have improved multiselection behavior in combo boxes.

Grid improvements

  • Adjust grid row height for grid headers.
  • Change the grid data bar color.
  • Show or hide grid headers and grid borders.

Bing Maps improvements

Set the initial zoom position of Bing Maps.

Data sources improvements

PostgreSQL improvements

We have provided support for materialized views in PostgreSQL.

SQL Server Analysis Service improvements

Sort dates in the SQL Server Analysis Service data source.

Embedded BI enhancements

Token based filters in embedding

Pass filters along with access tokens securely.

Multi-tab dashboards

Embed multi-tab dashboards.

Global embed secret support

Support for global embed secrets that can be used for multi-tenant authentication.

Important note: You need to use the updated embed JS version, hosted in CDN.


We hope this post was helpful to you in learning about the new features and improvements in Bold BI Enterprise and Embedded v3.3.88 You can get a free 30-minute demo with our experts about creating dashboards and any other features you would like learn more about in Bold BI. You can also contact us by submitting your questions through the Bold BI website or, if you already have an account, you can log in.

January 5, 2021 3 min read


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