Bold BI v7.4 Release Highlights for Self-Hosting and Embedding

Bold BI v7.4 Release Highlights for Self-Hosting and Embedding

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    Bold BI v7.4 Release Highlights for Self-Hosting and Embedding

    We’re thrilled to announce that our new product update, Bold BI 7.4, is now available! This update brings a host of eagerly anticipated features, enhancements, and fixes to several platforms, including Windows, Docker, Linux, Kubernetes, and Azure. It’s a significant release that makes your experience of designing stunning dashboards with Bold BI even better.

    You can download the most recent version of Bold BI from your account page. If you’re new to Bold BI, you can sign up for a free trial on our website. In this blog post, we’re going to cover the main updates included in this release, namely improvements and bug fixes.


    Data sources

    • We have provided an option to customize the start day of the week for the relative date filter using the data language property.
      Customizing date in Data language property
    • We have added support for using more than 10 nested IF statements in SQL Server.
      Support for more than 10 statements in SQL Server
    • We have added support to visualize Python data frames in Bold BI using Bold ETL.
      Support for visualizing Python data into Bold BI


    • We added the frame ancestor content security policy directive to control the embedding of the application within iframes, which lets you customize allowed domains, thereby enhancing security.
    • We have implemented REST API support for retrieving the pinboard list.


    • We have improved the India shapefile with the latest territories for the Map widget.
    • The maximum row count is limited to 150,000 and 2 million in Excel and CSV exporting, respectively. Also, we have exposed a flag to modify the maximum row limit through UMS configuration settings.
    • We have enhanced the Combo Box’s usability by hiding the All option in the dropdown when entering text in the filter search box.

    Bug fixes


    • Fixed the issue of not displaying the proper message in the UI when there is an issue with connecting the BI and IDP databases.
    • Fixed the issue where the Bing Map widget was not rendering in multitab dashboards due to the Bing Maps controls not being loaded.
    • Fixed the loading issue in the public multitab dashboard where a loading indicator is shown for an extended time when the URL specifies a tab name other than the first one.
    • Fixed the issue of hyphens (-) not being allowed in the email settings page’s email address.
    • Fixed the issue where the font style was not being applied in the BI site when the user inherited the look and feel settings from UMS.
    • Fixed the issue where the URL was not updated to the specific category when the user added a sample dashboard from other pages.
    • Fixed the issue where the schedule context menu options were not working when there was a special character in the item name, category name, or dashboard names.

    Data sources

    • Resolved the null reference exception occurring in the data preview after expression creation in ClickHouse.
    • Resolved the issue where dashboard parameterization is not working as expected in the live web API.
    • Resolved the object reference error when using the YEAR([OrderDate]) expression in SQL IMDB.
    • Resolved the issue with refreshes failing because of using the ‘/’ special character in the sheet column in the SharePoint connector.
    • Resolved the MongoDB credentials automatically changing when trying to upload the dashboard.
    • Fixed the problem with the unsaved expression being deleted when switching to another expression.
    • Resolved the data preview throwing a query execution error after changing the number type column into a string type column.
    • Resolved the invalid username generated for the MongoDB data source on publishing.
    • Resolved the connection properties showing as empty for the extracted data source after uploading the dashboard.
    • Resolved the issue of reconnecting the MongoDB data source with the same collection not working properly.
    • Resolved the inability to open the dashboard if the dashboard was configured with the live web API data source.
    • Resolved the data retrieval error occurring in scheduled exporting in the live web API.
    • Resolved the issue occurring when previewing data in code review mode.
    • Resolved the error thrown while updating query metrics.
    • Supported the joining of two tables in Elasticsearch extract mode connections.
    • Resolved the issue with empty values in the filter of a chart for the string data type in the ClickHouse data source.
    • Resolved the column visibility issue with nullable date-time columns in the ClickHouse data source.
    • Resolved the issue with the Measure expression being listed under the dimension in ClickHouse.
    • Resolved the pagination not working properly for the web API connector.
    • Fixed the issue with the Oracle data source displaying as live mode when connected in extract mode in the edit connection window when using Postgres IMDB.
    • Fixed an issue where the Bold ETL page was not rendering properly when Bold BI was used as a subapplication.
    • The web API has been configured to restrict fetching of unwanted data by ensuring that calls do not request non-existent tables from the database.


    • Fixed the issue where exported data had minimal information when data sampling was applied to the data source.
    • Resovled the issue with exporting to Excel and CSV failing when selecting empty in the null or blanks option.
    • Fixed the issue where the initial selection was not being maintained in Tab widgets when using a dashboard parameter in the Filter widget.
    • Fixed the issue where the label parameter was not working in the widget description.
    • Fixed UI glitches in the Date Picker.
    • Fixed the issue with filtering the Date Picker widget with measure formatting.
    • Fixed the issue where it was possible to add empty spaces in the data source to replace values.
    • Fixed the issue when using the distinct count value in the measure format window.
    • Fixed the issue when applying the URL filter for the measure column with the IN operator value.
    • Fixed the issue where the CSV export sheet name displayed the dashboard name instead of the widget name.
    • Fixed the issue where the replace value contained single quotes.
    • Fixed the issue where the Filter Overview box popped up and disappeared when clicked in mobile view.
    • Fixed the issue where the autorefresh member was refreshing the dashboard two times in JS-based embedding.
    • Fixed the issue where the widget in a pinboard became blank if the user unpinned it in embedded dashboards.
    • Fixed the issue where empty space occurred at the bottom in JS-based embedding when the toolbar was hidden.


    • Fixed the Date Picker pop-up not opening in the mobile app.
    • Fixed the issue where the Date Picker pop-up closed automatically in the mobile app.
    • Fixed the values that were not aligned in the Bar Chart.
    • Fixed the text alignment issue in the Grid bar formatting.
    • Fixed the issue where the data retrieval error was not being shown in the Range Slider when the server was stopped.
    • Resolved the POP label issue, which showed an ellipsis when resizing.
    • Resolved the Bing Maps rendering failure when configured with marker image.
    • Resolved the unwanted parameter menu listed in the Card widget’s image URL text box.
    • Fixed the issue where the Text Filter widget displays as blank when exported to PDF or image.
    • Fixed the distinct count improperly displaying in the Pivot Grid.

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