Bold BI v6.1 Release Highlights for Self-Hosting and Embedding

Bold BI v6.1 Release Highlights for Self-Hosting and Embedding

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    Bold BI v6.1 Release Highlights for Self-Hosting and Embedding

    We are excited to announce the release of Bold BI v6.1. Our latest update includes several enhancements and new features for Windows, Docker, Linux, Kubernetes, and Azure. These significant changes will give you a greater visual experience when creating stunning dashboards using Bold BI.

    To get the latest version of Bold BI, download it from your account page. If you are new to Bold BI, sign up for a free trial on our website. At the end of the registration process, you will reach the following page.

    Homepage View of Bold BI Dashboards
    Homepage View of Bold BI Dashboards

    As part of this release, we have migrated all Bold BI services from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to .Net 6.0. This migration is aimed at providing our users with a seamless experience and improved performance.

    IDP & UMS enhancements

    We have provided REST API support to get and update licenses.

    IDP & UMS Improvements

    • We have improved the user REST API to get and update user profiles with Avatars.
    • Branding images now display on error pages.
    • The Site Creation option and site creation API now work correctly even when the administrator doesn’t have an email address.
    • The admin utility can now change the database name in the configuration file.

    Server Improvements

    • We have provided support to enable offline mode in Bold BI to fix unauthorized errors when connecting to the API.
    • Installing on Windows Server with the latest version of IIS now works correctly.

    Widget Improvements

    • We have added Customization options for grid summary rows’ background, height, padding, font size, and title color.

      Customization options for Grid
      Customization options for Grid
    • We have provided hidden column support for charts, grids, maps, Bing Maps, heat maps, tree maps, and gauge widgets.
    • We have included a Connect option for empty point settings in line, area, stacked area, spline, and spline area charts.
    • Lakhs and Crores are now formatted correctly in grid summaries.
    • The text widget ordering issue with combined widgets has been fixed.
    • When clicking a pivot grid cell, the cell now only shows data corresponding to the cell.

    Data Sources improvements

    • Support has been provided for counting big expressions.
    • Hidden fields in the data source are now hidden after an update.
    • Assistance is now provided for creating MySQL data sources using specific schemas and tables for extract-mode data sources.
    • We rectified the issue with MySQL data sources that occurred while switching from live mode to extract mode in the Edit connection.
    • MySQL data source creation with extract mode no longer extracts tables with empty records.
    • Resolved the SQL Server data source creation issue related to the Same Key Issue in Extraction Mode.
    • The relative-date filter performs correctly for Google BigQuery Connection.
    • A deadlock no longer occurs while refreshing data in SQL Server connector.
    • User filters now work for users without email.
    • The pagination issue with Facebook Ads data sources has been fixed.

    Important Note:  


    Start Embedding Powerful Analytics

    Try out all the features of Bold BI with 15-day free trial.


    We hope these updates will enhance your user experience and improve your workflow efficiency. As always, please reach out to our support team with any questions or feedback.

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