Deploy Bold BI to Docker in Under a Minute [ Webinar Show Notes ]

Deploy Bold BI to Docker in Under a Minute [ Webinar Show Notes ]

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    Deploy Bold BI to Docker in Under a Minute [ Webinar Show Notes ]

    This blog provides show notes for our November 2 webinar, “Deploy Bold BI to Docker in Under a Minute.” The webinar was presented and hosted by Boomigha Velayutham. If you missed the webinar, or would like to watch it again, check it out on our YouTube channel, or watch it here.

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    In this webinar, we delved into the basics of Docker, understanding its advantages and how it can be utilized in deploying Bold BI in just a minute. We guided attendees through the process of upgrading Bold BI once it’s deployed on the Docker container. Finally, we demonstrated how to manage the containers and volumes, taking them up and down as needed, and how to maintain the application from a local perspective to maintain a persistent volume.

    This webinar is ideal for those interested in BI Docker deployment and looking to streamline their application development and management processes. You will gain practical knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately to your own Docker environment.


    [00:00] Introduction

    [00:30] What Is Bold BI?

    [01:26] What Is Docker?

    [02:38] What Is Docker Compose?

    [03:07] Docker Benefits

    [03:55] Docker vs. Docker Compose

    [04:29] Deploy Bold BI in Docker

    [05:20] Downloading Docker Compose File

    [07:24] Replace Bold BI Unlock Key

    [08:20] Postgres and Bold BI Containers

    [09:38] Launching the App

    [11:50] Deploy Using Existing Database

    [13:15] Configure Setup Manually

    [14:25] Host Path as Persistent Volume

    [13:32] Related Resources

    [15:58] Outro


    Q: Can we upgrade Bold BI once it’s deployed in a Linux distribution?

    A: Yes, you can. We have documentation explaining how to upgrade to latest version of Bold BI after deployment.

    Q: Is it possible to configure NGINX manually?

    A: Yes, you can. Please see our documentation.

    Q: Can I do silent installation?

    A: Yes. Bold BI supports silent installation. Please refer to this documentation.

    Q: Are there any minimum prerequisites to run Bold BI without issues?

    A: Yes. We have listed minimum requirements for the application based on the distribution that you choose on this page.

    Q: Can I install Bold BI on Mac OS?

    A: Yes. We support installing Bold BI in Mac OS. See how to do so in this KB article.

    Q: What are the containers you support?

    A: We support all container services, like ECS, AKS, EKS and GKE.

    Q: What is the minimum required CPU and memory for a Docker container?

    A: 2 Core and 4 GB RAM.

    Q: Do you support deploying on multiple containers?

    A: Yes, we do.

    Q: What are the image variants supported?

    A: Debian (AMD and arm64), Ubuntu (AMD and arm64), Alpine (AMD and arm64). Check out this guide on GitHub.


    During this webinar, we covered ways to enhance your BI Docker deployment skills.

    We hope you enjoyed it and please keep an eye out for our future Bold BI webinars.

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