Embed For Your Customers With Multitenancy [Webinar Show Notes]

Embed For Your Customers With Multitenancy [Webinar Show Notes]

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    Embed For Your Customers With Multitenancy [Webinar Show Notes]

    This blog provides the show notes for our August 5th, 2021, Bold BI webinar, “Improve Your User Experience with Multitenancy in Bold BI.” The webinar was presented and hosted by Bold BI software developer Boomigha Velayutham. If you missed it, or would like to watch multi-tenant solution again, you can do so on our YouTube page or here.


    Bold BI supports multitenancy, in which a single environment can serve multiple tenants through a scalable and resilient architecture. In this webinar, we will discuss how the underlying infrastructure of Bold BI is completely shared and logically isolated for multi-tenant deployment. We will also take a look at the rebranding options for the multitenant application.


    • What is multitenancy?
    • Multitenant architecture in Bold BI.
    • Managing resources in multitenancy (users, site access).
    • Publish module. 
    • Deployment of dashboards.
    • Publishing in an internal tenant. 
    • Publishing in an external tenant.
    • Custom attributes and isolation code on a tenant level. 
    • User interface customization.
    • White labeling.

    What is multitenancy? 

    • Multiple independent instances of a software application operate in a shared environment.
    • Each instance/organization is a tenant.
    • Each tenant is integrated physically but separated logically.
    • Example: Banking processes. 

    Types of multitenancy 

    • Standalone app
    • Database per tenant
    • Share multitenant 


    • Data security
    • Application security


    • How to create a new tenant in Bold BI.
    • How can I publish dashboards to another tenant? How do I synchronize the latest changes in other tenants?
    • How can I restrict dashboard access or data source access in a shared dashboard for other tenant users?
    • How can I add multiple users for a tenant? How can I add a single user and multiple tenants at a time?
    • Custom attributes and isolation code.
    • User interface customization.
    • White labeling.


    We hope you enjoyed this webinar and please keep an eye out for our future Syncfusion webinars. Following are some of the questions received during the webinar, answered.


    Q: Hi, what are the steps involved in binding the published project on IIS to your personal hostname and not the localhost?  

    A: You can find helpful tips for this on our FAQ page.

    Q: Does this tool handle tabular reports like an invoice for an online order being produced just as the user completes the order, or is it based on historical data polled periodically?

    A: Yes, Bold BI can be used to create invoice reports. However, we have another product in the Bold line with similar infrastructure, known as Bold Reports, that would be more suitable for your specific requirement.

    Q: Does each tenant have unlimited dashboards or is there a separate charge for the quantity of presentations per tenant?

    A: No, there is no limitation for any resources. You can have any number of dashboards.

    Q: If you change the custom_ui.json and the results are not what you expect, is there a comparison tool to identify what was changed to help undo the problem?

    A: Thank you for the good feature idea. At present, we don’t have a comparison tool for the UI. We will log this in our feedback portal.

    Q: Is there a price calculator to estimate the subscription cost per tenant? Is there a separate charge for each tenant created?    

    A: No, the pricing is flat. You can have any number of tenants in your deployment.

    Q: Is there an API available to create a series of tenants automatically via a script?           

    A: Yes. We have APIs to create tenants, delete or add users, manage permissions, etc.

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