Sneak Peek at Bold BI v5.3 for Self-Hosting and Embedding!

Sneak Peek at Bold BI v5.3 for Self-Hosting and Embedding!

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    Sneak Peek at Bold BI v5.3 Self-Hosting & Embedding

    We are excited to announce that we will soon be rolling out Bold BI v5.3, which includes releases for Windows, Docker, Linux, Kubernetes, and Azure. It’s a significant release that delivers many highly anticipated features, enhancements, and improvements. In this blog, we’ll take a sneak peek at the enhancements you can expect in this upcoming release.

    New features and improvements

    You’ll be able to find information on all the updates on the release notes page published after the rollout. For now, here are some of the highlights:

    Data source enhancements

    • New, built-in connectorsfor Xero WorkflowMax, Zoho Books, and Alma.

      Data source list-ZOHO Books, alma & Xero WorkflowMax
      Data source list – ZOHO Books, alma & Xero WorkflowMax
    • Create or edit SQL in live-mode data sources programmatically using a REST API.
      REST API to Create SQL Live-Mode Data Sources Programmatically
      REST API to Edit SQL Live-Mode Data Sources Programmatically
    • Extract-mode support for the Elasticsearch connector.
      Extract Mode for Elastic Search
    • Incremental refresh for BoldDesk data sources.
    • Incremental refresh support for views.
      Incremental Refresh for Views
    • Support for AWS OpenSearch version 1.0.
    • Schema retaining support for stored procedures in SQL data sources.
    • Performance improvement for initial chart rendering.
    • Performance improvement for dashboards with many live web data sources.

    Server enhancements

    On the server side, you can find the following new features in the v5.3 release:

    • Support to customize the font and theme for each site.
    • Support to configure the content security policy.
    • Support to configure X-Frame-Options to avoid loading the site inside a frame.
      X-Frame-Options Support
    • Option to check the application database version.
    • Option to hide the sample dashboard and release banner.
    • Option to configure the data cache settings.
    • Option to edit multitab dashboard tab names.
    • Option to copy data sources created in extract mode.
    • Option to add and edit external sites from your profile page.
    • Support to update pinboards using REST API.
    • Support to customize scheduler email subject and body using REST API.
    • Support to customize scheduler email subject while creating and editing scheduler from UI.

    Designer enhancements

    In the designer, you can expect the following features in our upcoming release:

    • Theming support using CSS3 variables.
    • Support for customizing widget styles using theme variables:
      • Font style: title, subtitle, legend, axis title, and label.
      • Color: title, subtitle, icon, legend, axis title, and label.
      • Widget data color palette.
      • Widget selection background color.
      Customizing the font style using theme variables
    • Column selection support for viewing underlying data.
    • Data cache settings under dashboard data configuration in the server.
      Configure Data Cache Under Dashboard Data Process Settings in the Server

    Widget enhancements

    In the widgets, you can look forward to the following support:

    • Font size customization for gauge elements.
    • Auto font size support for number card and KPI card.
    • Index or data based color customization for proportion charts.

    Embedded BI enhancements

    You can expect the following improvements in our upcoming release:

    • Ability to hide the get embed code option for dashboards and widgets.
      Ability to Hide the Get Embed Code for Dashboards and Widgets
    • Ability to get widget information through an API.
    • Support for dashboard and widget comments in JS-based embedding.
    • Support for same-site cookies in iframe embedding.
    • Option to customize the data source designer toolbar buttons.
    • Event to catch up with the designer toolbar button click.
    • Event to customize or splice out the default widgets from the widget panel list.
    • Widget filters API with date column support and column name specification.

    ID enhancements

    In the ID enhancements, you can expect the following support:

    • Support for Azure Active Directory B2C SSO.
      Support for Azure Active Directory B2C SSO
    • Two-factor authentication for user logins.
      Two-Factor Authentication
    • Font and theme customization for the application and dashboards.
      Font and Theme Customization
    • Option to enable or disable user account creation in OAuth and OpenID logins.
    • UI to upload and manage localization files.
      Manage Localization Files
    • Ability to change the master site.
    • Ability to configure content security policy headers.
    • UI option to enable or disable X-Frame-Option header.


    We hope you are excited about the features, enhancements, and improvements coming soon in the Bold BI v5.3 release. Try Bold BI for free and start creating interactive dashboards. You can contact us by submitting questions through the Bold BI website or, if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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