Embedded BI—Bringing Analytics into Your Apps [Webinar Show Notes]

[Webinar Show Notes] Embedded BI—Bringing Analytics into Your Apps

This blog provides show notes for our August 6, 2020 webinar, “Embedded BI—Bringing Analytics into Your Apps.” The webinar is presented and hosted by Syncfusion developer Dinesh Kumar P. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below, or on our YouTube channel.  


This webinar serves as an introductory walk-through of embedding analytics in apps using Bold BI Embedded edition. Today we will go over the following topics:

  • What is Embedded BI?
  • What is Bold BI Embedded SDK?
  • Why should you choose Bold BI Embedded for embedding scenarios?
  • What are the benefits in using Bold BI Embedded?
  • How do you integrate Bold BI into an application?

Building an analytics solution

To build an analytics solution, in general, companies follow one of these three options:

  • Invest and create an IT team. However, the requirements of a BI solution are usually bigger and more complex than building the software’s core module itself; it also involves the cost of additional development.
  • Licensing software from a cloud-based BI vendor. Even though this option looks good and easy to work with, cloud vendors usually charge based on user count. This can make the solution expensive, especially if analytics are a separate cost from the primary product’s cost.
  • Deploy BI in the same environment where their application is hosted and embed dashboards into the application. This presents the challenge that the BI tool should be easily integrated with the application, considering that an application can be developed in any framework like Angular/React/.NET Core, or even desktop.

What is embedded BI?

  • Embedded BI allows you to embed powerful analytics right inside of your application.
  • A fully customizable embedded solution can fit ever-changing technical needs.
  • A solution that helps businesses make that final decision of whether to “make” or “buy.” Analytics are a basic need of any application or product, so companies must decide whether to make a solution or buy one. With embedded BI, you’ll find that the “buy” option can save both time and money.

What is Bold BI Embedded SDK?

  • Using the Bold BI Embedded JavaScript SDK, you can deeply embed an analytics solution right within your software or environment.
  • The Bold BI team will be always ready to help every step of the way.
  • The SDK is not only pre-built dashboards; you can also embed the dashboard designer as well, allowing users to create their own dashboards with ease.

Why Bold BI Embedded?

Bold BI Embedded is designed from the ground up to be embedded. There are no compromises or shortcuts. The rich APIs allow you to control every aspect of embedding, making the solution seamless and impossible to distinguish from the rest of the application.

  • Bold BI is a cloud-neutral product that can be deployed in all major public clouds—Azure/AWS/GCP—or in your own enterprises as well.
  • White labeling and custom theme support make users feel that the dashboards are part of the application itself.
  • With single sign-on (SSO), users will have secure access to dashboards, and users will be able to view only the data they are authorized to view.
  • Bold BI Embedded does not charge based on users. It is just a flat monthly fee per application—simple and predictable. No per customer or per user charges ever.

Benefits of using Bold BI Embedded

  • Supports 120+ data sources.
  • Includes 35+ widgets.
  • Embed and customize widgets, and even embed the dashboard designer via a redistribution plan.

Integrating Bold BI into your applications

  • Embedding is available via IFrame or a JavaScript SDK.
  • Single tenancy is just a common site for all users. With a multi-tenant solution, you can deploy separate sites for individual clients, and all of them are isolated. This helps you to scale up business to as many clients as needed.

Rebrand your app for different clients

A company works hard to build customer trust in its brand. Allowing your clients to rebrand the dashboards in their apps lets them present the dashboards as trustworthy products.

You can white label, host a custom domain, and include a custom theme for dashboards. Also, you can custom brand all the sites you deploy for the price you pay for a single server.


We have taken our first look into the possibilities of Bold BI Embedded. We hope you enjoyed this webinar. Please keep an eye out for our future webinars on Bold BI Embedded.

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