[Webinar Show Notes] User-Based Data Access in Bold BI Dashboards

[Webinar Show Notes] User-Based Data Access in Bold BI Dashboards

This blog provides show notes for our July 23, 2020, webinar, “User-Based Data Access in Bold BI Dashboards.” The webinar is presented and hosted by Syncfusion developer Pravin Joshua D.


To start off with, here is what you can do with Bold BI and user-based data access:

  • Restrict data based on logged-in users. For example, you can create a dashboard that can be shared with multiple users, with each viewer accessing only the data they have permission to see.
  • Reduce deployment time. Since you don’t have to create individual dashboards for each user, you save a lot of time.
  • Assure fine-grained security. Row-level security helps to filter data for users and groups.
  • Switch connections based on logged-in user for SQL Server connections. Useful when using separate databases.

Row-level security

Now let’s go into more detail about what we’re offering with one of these, row-level security:

  • Filter data at the row level based on the user.
  • Map users and column values directly using name or email identities.
  • Auto-map from a permission table.
  • Auto-map from a custom query.
  • Impersonate users when designing the dashboard.

Dynamic connection string

When you have your data in different databases, or a different server for clients, it can be tough creating a dashboard for individual users. In Bold BI, you have the option to switch connection strings based on logged-in users:

  • Use in both embedding and direct-use cases.
  • Reuse the same dashboard for different users or clients.


We have taken a look at how you can create dashboards that can be used for multiple users and clients, avoiding the need for individual dashboards based on access. We hope you enjoyed this webinar and found a new way of optimizing dashboard creation and deployment time.

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