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[Webinar Show Notes] What’s New in Bold BI v3.3

This blog provides show notes for our October 15, 2020 webinar, “What’s New in Bold BI v3.3.” The webinar is presented by Syncfusion developer Pravin Joshua D. A recording of the webinar is embedded below.


Bold BI v3.3 brings new features and improvements such as a publish module, isolation code, data alerts, and much more. In this webinar, we explore all these new features in depth and discuss how they are helpful in building, managing, and sharing enterprise dashboards.

This webinar covers the following topics:

Publish module

  • Distribute dashboards across tenants effectively. ​
  • Synchronize dashboard changes. ​
  • Reduce dashboard creation time for every user. ​
  • Use in combination with isolation code for different tenants.

Isolation code and custom attributes

  • Filter data at the row level for every tenant. ​
  • Assure fine-grained security. ​
  • Reduce deployment time. ​
  • Apply parameters for users, groups, and tenants using custom attributes. ​

Improved user experience

  • Improved design canvas provides more precise control over the widget size. ​
  • Resolution-based font size for titles, labels, and other elements. ​
  • Value-based color support. ​
  • Color customization support for more elements. ​
  • Improved dark theme and custom themes. ​

Support for widget container

  • Combine multiple widgets in a single container. ​
  • Overlay widgets for displaying KPIs. ​
  • Apply private filters to widgets in the container. ​
  • Effectively utilize fixed dashboard space. ​
  • Export combined widgets together.

Combine data sources

  • Combine multiple data sources. ​
  • Supports column mapping for different schema. ​
  • Combine extract data sources. ​
  • Supports data refresh based on a schedule.


This webinar reviewed new updates coming to Bold BI in v3.3! We hope you enjoyed this webinar and that you’ll keep an eye out for future Bold BI webinars.

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