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Data is only valuable when converted into information that can be easily digested by stakeholders. Sharing critical pieces of information will provide valuable insights to transform your business.

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Key features

Create stunningly beautiful dashboards

Easily create beautiful dashboards. Everyone in your organization will be able to see the data in real time, no matter where they are. Accelerate your business’s growth by enabling a unified view of the data your team depends on.

Create stunningly beautiful dashboards
Cloud native software

Cloud-native software

There is no software to install. No maintenance. No costly upgrades. All you need is a computer with a modern browser and an internet connection.

Connect directly to 120+ data sources

Connect directly to 120+ data sources, including Salesforce, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Excel.

Connect directly to 120+ data sources
Connect directly to most web-based data sources

Connect directly to most web-based data sources

Easily connect to thousands of other web-based data sources that expose a REST API. Custom data stores can also be accessed this way.

Easily combine data sources

Combine 120+ existing data sources or thousands of REST API sources to create new data sources. Data sources can be combined with an easy-to-use combination interface that does the heavy lifting. For example, you could combine data from Salesforce with data in SQL Server and Jira.

Easily combine data sources
Curated access to data sources

Curated access to data sources

Data sources can be published in a secure manner and shared with other users or groups. Shared data sources are an important aspect of data collaboration, and Bold BI makes it easy for your team to work together and share resources.

Derive AI-powered insights

Bold BI can be used to derive and publish AI-powered insights using your data. Visualize the predicted result with your past data without any coding. Deploy your ML scripts using the Syncfusion Data Integration Platform for advanced analytics and visualize the resultant data in Bold BI.

Derive AI Powered Insight
Automatic Refresh

Automatic refresh

Our platform offers built-in support for refreshing data from original sources. Our simple configuration ensures that your data is always up to date.

Build dashboards using drag-and-drop

There are no complex languages to master. You don't have to burden your development or IT teams with dashboard-related requests. Any team member with a browser can securely access data sources and build a dashboard using our powerful drag-and-drop designer.

Build dashboards using drag-and-drop
Collaborate with other stakeholders

Collaborate with other stakeholders

Easily collaborate with other stakeholders. Discuss business strategies while reviewing data by directly mentioning colleagues in discussion threads and share direct links, images, and screenshots. Built-in Markdown-formatted comments make collaboration incredibly easy and effective. Keep stakeholders in the loop with real-time alerts about pending notifications via email and at the application level. Business analysts can also watch a specific discussion to stay up to date for better decision-making.

Scheduled updates

Create customized schedules to share dashboards with stakeholders in a variety of formats. Updates can be customized to suit individual preferences and can be triggered at different intervals. Updates can run for a set period of time or for a specific number of times.

Scheduled updates
World class Infrastructure

World-class infrastructure

Bold BI is powered by Microsoft’s Azure platform. Microsoft Azure is powered by infrastructure spanning more than 100 highly secure facilities worldwide and linked by one of the largest networks on earth.

35+ display widgets

Use a powerful set of widgets, including bar charts, column charts, pie charts, line charts, funnel charts, maps, heat maps, grids, cards, gauges, and many more.

35+ display widgets
Access From Any Platform

Access from any platform

Your users can view dashboards on any platform, including Windows®, Linux, macOS®, iOS®, Android™, and Chrome OS™. Bold BI is supported by any device, including tablets and phones.

Single sign-on

Integrate with existing systems such as Office 365 for authentication and authorization.

Single Sign-on
Multi-factor authentication

Multifactor authentication

Multifactor authentication is available when securing the system with providers that support MFA, such as Office 365.

Export to multiple formats

Easily export to a variety of common image formats, PDF, and Excel. Exported formats offer high-fidelity views of data. Easily share high-quality exported dashboards with those who may not have access to the dashboard.

Export to multiple Formats
All Traffic Is Secure

All traffic is secure

All traffic is secured using Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS 1.2). You can rest assured that your data is safe.​​

Advanced data preparation and transformation

The Syncfusion Data Integration Platform provides an intuitive visual interface for integrating and transforming data from various sources into analytics-ready data. The transformed data can then be easily used for data warehousing, creating reports and dashboards using Bold products, or for business intelligence analysis purposes.

Advanced data preparation and transformation
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