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Who is eligible?

Individuals and companies with less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue and 5 or fewer developers.

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Bold BI Community What is Bold BI Community License

What is the Bold BI Community License?

The Bold BI Community License provides free access to the Bold BI embedded analytics platform for individual developers and small businesses.


Office 365 Integration
SSO Integration
Azure Active Directory Integration
Iframe embedding
Embedding with SDK
Deploy on your servers/cloud *
Deployment server limit
Deploy on customer servers
Virtual machine deployment **
Cloud scale deployment
Syncfusion Managed Hosting
* Windows deployment only
** In Cloud, Virtual Machine deployment allowed. Scaling using Kubernetes, AKS, App Service requires Paid plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Community License has the same features and support as the paid license, but it offers only one deployment option, the Windows installer. With a paid license, you have access to Windows, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes deployment options.

Community Licenses do not expire. You will continue to receive support and updates for new versions.

Each license is valued at $995 per month, so for one year, that is a savings of  $11,940 for each tenant. If you have more tenants, you save even more.

We loved what Microsoft did with the Visual Studio Community edition and decided to extend it to our products as well, including our new line of Bold Enterprise products. There is no catch, but we would really appreciate it if you could help spread the message through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We hope to add even more value to this program in the future, but we need your help in reaching more developers. We appreciate any help spreading the message through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, or blogs.

There are two scenarios to be considered.

    • Your organization owns the intellectual property (IP).

You deliver binaries to your customers, who have no claim on the IP itself. In this case, since you own the IP, redistribution to others is allowed under our standard redistribution grant. It is important that your customer has no claim on the IP. It is also important that the customer does not distribute or “white-label” the resulting application. They can only use it for internal purposes. If they distribute it, the second scenario applies.


    • Your customer owns the IP or distributes the application built on your IP.

In this case, Syncfusion will allow you to give each client a single commercial binary license for free, provided that each entity or organization would itself qualify for the Community License. The only stipulation is that you provide us information on your customer in order for us to confirm their Community License eligibility to register a license in their name. In the event your customer does internal development or moves development to another organization, they will need to buy actual commercial licenses by contacting us. As long as your company is the only one working on the application and you continue to meet the requirements for the Community License, no further licenses need to be acquired. If you no longer meet the requirements, a Syncfusion account representative may reach out to discuss your paid licensing options.

The Community License can be used in open-source projects, but we require that you first contact us to register.

Government-related organizations (i.e., funded by tax dollars) are not eligible for Community Licenses. Governmental agencies that are not taxpayer-funded may be eligible to the Community License after signing a master license agreement. Contact us to initiate the request and to review if you are eligible.

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