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Insurance Agency Lowers Costs and Increases Productivity Using Bold BI

Insurance Agency Lowers Costs and Increases Productivity Using Bold BI

Challenges and objectives

Assurance Agency, a full-service insurance brokerage, needed to display data and analytics for the diverse types of insurance solutions they represent. Each group of agents needed to see a different set of data. This required creating different dashboard layouts for each group and unique widgets on each of these dashboards. To keep this seamless and efficient for the agents, it was imperative that the dashboards be embedded into their existing application. In other words, Assurance Agency were looking for a dashboarding solution with standards as high as the insurance solutions they offer.


They reviewed many solutions that either did not support embedding or were costly, due to per-user pricing. They began to wonder if their requirements were an unusually tall order, until they found the Bold BI dashboarding platform. Bold BI had support for embedding dashboards within their custom application and all the functionality they needed. Plus, it was less expensive, since they did not have to deal with a user-based license model.

“What we liked best was the ability to connect to on-prem data sources, easy connectors, versatile designers with the latest widgets and controls, embedding visualizations, and a reasonable cost,” said Sam Davidson, application development manager. He also added, “The support team is awesome.”


Samuel and his team saved around $200,000 in annual costs due to Bold BI’s simple license model, as well as countless hours of development time. Assurance Agency take pride in offering quality insurance coverage to keep workplaces safe and employees healthy. Their long-term vision, “Credibly calculating that our services create $1 billion in value annually for our clients,” keeps them focused on improving the culture, productivity, and bottom lines of their clients. Bold BI helped contribute to this vision by keeping their software costs down and productivity up.

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Sam Davidson Sam Davidson

Industry: Insurance

Size: Large

Key benefits

  • Row-level security for multiple users.
  • Security through on-premises integration.
  • Saved $200K in annual costs.
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