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Traffic Data Exchange Provides Freight Industry Clients the Advantage using Bold BI

Traffic Data Exchange Provides Freight Industry Clients the Advantage using Bold BI


Traffic Data Exchange  provided a dashboard for customers to visualize data, but the company wanted to offer their clients more. Traffic Data created their dashboards from scratch, a method that was very time-consuming and produced marginal results. Timothy Kenny, CEO of Traffic Data Exchange, needed to provide dashboards with real-time data that were responsive to his client needs and would not take years of development to provide results. After researching various vendors and technologies, he determined that Bold BI by Syncfusion was the solution.

Company Overview

Traffic Data Exchange is a logistics, transportation, and supply chain management (SCM) consultancy, serving high-volume freight companies since 2008. According to popular global freight auditing company ControlPay , 80 percent of shippers overpay for their freight. By implementing cutting-edge technology in existing management systems, Traffic Data Exchange connects clients with global distribution to create buying power and increase their ROI.


With limited resources to create a dashboard, Kenny was having to outsource help. He was only showing two or three widgets in his dashboard and was not able to customize them. Since he served many global freight companies, it was important for him to customize the way each customer viewed their data. For example, he needed the ability to roll up customer data by region or country and display the results on a map. However, this process was both cost and time prohibitive. He needed an out-of-the-box solution that was fully customizable.


As soon as his SQL database was connected to Bold BI ,  he was able to begin saving time on projects that would have otherwise been indefinite. Not only could Timothy customize the widgets, he was also able to triple the number of widgets on a single dashboard.

“Now I can basically provide anything the customer needs from their dashboard, and I really don’t have limitations. I can customize anything,” Kenny said. Bold BI helped him double the amount of data he could pull into the dashboard. Now, if his clients want to see another metric, Kenny can easily drag and drop a new widget into their dashboard without having to import data.

Further, when he needs help embedding and setting up the dashboard, the Bold BI support team is quick to respond. Kenny stated, “My customers love the timely response I’m able to give them, so it’s nice to see it on the other side. The support team’s response time was fantastic. I service my clients the same exact way. I’m able to give them a same-day, same-hour response, if I’m not traveling.”


Now, a few months since implementing Bold BI, Kenny says, “There are no longer limitations to what I can display to my customers.” The dashboard solution gives his clients the power to spot concerns sooner and make proactive, data-driven decisions. Additionally, the ability to see areas where spending can be optimized helps his clients take charge of their expenses and create more buying power. Kenny saw a 10 percent increase in his revenue and gained two new clients within the first month of implementing Bold BI.

Timothy Kenny Timothy Kenny

Industry: Transporation and Logistics

Size: Small

Key benefits

  • Provided customers access to real-time data
  • Tripled the number of widgets on dashboard
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