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Syncfusion Partners with CData Software

Syncfusion Partners with CData Software

Syncfusion Partners with CData Software

Research Triangle Park, NC, September 24, 2019—Syncfusion, Inc. is partnering with CData Software in an effort to coordinate the power of Syncfusion’s business intelligence dashboard platform, Bold BI, with CData Software’s data integration service, Cloud Hub, resulting in a dashboard platform that can connect to dozens of different data sources via a SQL interface.

“Bold BI’s integration with CData Cloud Hub provides customers access through a SQL interface to a wide variety of data sources that do not provide a native SQL interface,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion. “This means our customers can set up and share complex dashboards faster than ever.”

A good demonstration of how Bold BI and CData Cloud Hub work in tandem can be seen in an example developed by CData Software in which a Bold BI dashboard forms a cloud-to-cloud connection with CData Cloud Hub to visualize Oracle NetSuite data, as described in a blog post titled, “Create NetSuite Dashboards in Bold BI.”

Bold BI by Syncfusion allows you to create, share, and collaborate on business intelligence dashboards without the overhead of integrating, preparing, and securing data, not to mention building user-friendly visuals, of which Bold BI has dozens.

CData Cloud Hub allows dashboards, such as Bold BI, to connect to more than 150 different data sources by creating a virtual database that can be accessed by applications that support SQL, without having to replicate the original data source.

“Standardizing data access to cloud applications and non-relational data through universally supported database protocols dramatically simplifies BI integration,” said Eric Madariaga, Chief Marketing Officer at CData Software. “With a robust analytics platform like Bold BI, customers can rapidly deliver real-time dashboards and visualizations on top of all of the applications and data that power their businesses.”

Together, Bold BI and CData Cloud Hub allow business intelligence dashboards to consume, in real time, almost any data source while only having to use a SQL interface, resulting in immediate cloud-to-cloud access.

Bold BI handles the data visualization by producing SQL queries to collect data. CData Cloud Hub configures the data to behave like a SQL/MySQL database and pushes supported operations, such as JOIN, to the data source to take advantage of server-side processing, rapidly returning the requested data to the Bold BI dashboard.

To learn more about the partnership between Syncfusion and CData Software, read “Expand Bold BI Connectivity with the CData Cloud Hub” by Jerod Johnson.

About Syncfusion, Inc.
Syncfusion is the enterprise technology partner of choice for software development, delivering a broad range of web, mobile, and desktop controls coupled with a service-oriented approach throughout the entire application lifecycle. Syncfusion has established itself as the trusted partner worldwide for use in mission-critical applications. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Syncfusion has more than 12,000 customers, including large financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, and global IT consultancies.

About CData Software
CData Software (www.cdata.com), is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions specializing in the development of standard drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to online or on-premise applications, databases, and web APIs.

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