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Explore grant allocations, demographics, and other statistics with government dashboards. Track education data, transportation safety statistics, and more.

If you work for a government agency, you need to find solutions to a wide variety of issues. For example, the Department of Education needs to analyze graduation rates. The FDA, meanwhile, needs to track the results of public health campaigns. Certainly, these topics are vastly different.

Even so, they have one thing in common: both goals can be accomplished by analyzing key performance indicators, or KPIs. No matter your field, tracking KPIs can help you achieve your goals. To run a successful team, you need to analyze trends that occur over time. On the other hand, you also need to track day-to-day operations. Thanks to Bold BI, doing so has never been easier.

With Bold BI's dashboard solutions, you can access all of the key metrics your organization depends on in one convenient location. Whether you are tracking changes in the number of national parks visitors or public safety statistics, we can help. To get started, check out our government dashboard examples.

Government Dashboard Examples

School Improvement Grants 2010
School Improvement Grants 2010

If you work for a school district or state education agency, you need to track funding, education initiative results, and students' progress.
Bold BI’s school improvement grants dashboard illustrates the results of an education improvement initiative. With this sample government dashboard...

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Motor Vehicle Accidents Analysis
Motor Vehicle Accidents Analysis

If you work for the DOT, DMV, or a government safety agency, you need to be able to monitor car accident statistics and causes.
Bold BI's motor vehicle accidents analysis dashboard offers insight into motor vehicle accidents that occurred in the US. Additionally, the dashboard displays...

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Bold BI for Government – Common Metrics

With Bold BI’s user-friendly, fully customizable dashboards, you can easily analyze all of the information that your organization depends on:

Education data

Public safety statistics

Public health data

Funding and budgetary information

Demographic data

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