Coronavirus Disease
(COVID-19) Analysis

Track confirmed cases, recovery rates, and more

Bold BI Coronavirus Disease Analysis Dashboard

This healthcare dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of the global COVID-19 situation. With this dashboard, we can answer the following questions:

  • Firstly, how many confirmed cases are there worldwide?
  • Secondly, how many patients have recovered?
  • Finally, what is the mortality rate?

Track Global Trends

The four card widgets at the top of the dashboard offer a quick snapshot of key COVID-19 metrics: confirmed cases, recovered cases, deaths, and mortality rate. Further, the Confirmed Cases – Top 6 Countries widget shows the number of cases for the six countries with the most infections.

Also, by hovering over the Confirmed Cases by Country map, users can view the number of infections in each country. The map is color-coded with lighter shades of blue indicating fewer cases and darker shades of blue indicating more cases.

Finally, this healthcare dashboard’s two spline charts allow viewers to track trends that have occurred over the past fifty days. This data is crucial as it illustrates whether infections, recoveries, and deaths are increasing, decreasing, or remaining stable over a nearly two month period.

Filter Your Data

Also, please note the filter in the upper left corner of the dashboard. With this filter, users can view data for any single country, all countries combined, or any other combination of countries.  This allows viewers to quickly and easily focus their analysis on specific countries or regions of interest.

With this dashboard’s information, users can see a daily snapshot of case counts and track trends that occur over time, granting a better understanding of the COVID-19 situation worldwide.

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