Solutions for HR Departments

Track employee performance, monitor recruitment funnel, manage employees, and more with HR dashboards empowering HR managers to keep themselves aligned with their company’s objectives.

Solutions for HR Department

Employees are the lifeblood of an organization. Using purchase history data, retailers can predict the purchase behavior pattern of a customer. Similarly, organizations can apply analytics to an employee’s behavioral data to learn about HR KPIs and metrics. With Bold BI’s HR dashboard, a company can look at aggregated employee data presented in a meaningful way. The drill-down ability in dashboards enables the company to find the root causes of issues like low average employee tenure or high absenteeism per month. Monitoring the time and cost it takes to hire helps improve the quality of the hiring process.


HR managers should constantly keep track of KPIs to keep themselves aligned with the company’s objectives. Similarly, management and executive teams need to know who is working and how those employees are performing periodically. Check out our HR dashboard examples below to understand your workforce better, take necessary actions in a timely manner, and share the metrics as needed.

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HR dashboard examples


This hiring dashboard provides an overall view about the hiring process of a company along with important hr kpis and metrics.


This workforce dashboard provides an overview about employee performance via HR kpis such as average employee tenure…

HR Payroll Dashboard

This dashboard allows HR team members to track key payroll metrics. With this dashboard…

HR Employee Details

This dashboard allows human resources team members to track key employee details. With this dashboard…

HR Training Details

This dashboard allows human resources team members to track training progress. Using it, leaders can answer the following…

HR Attendance Dashboard

The HR Attendance Dashboard allows the human resources team to track key employee attendance metrics. With this dashboard…

HR Trainer Details

The HR Trainer Details Dashboard allows professionals to track trainer, trainee, and course metrics. With this dashboard…

HR Training Feedback Dashboard

The HR Training Feedback Dashboard allows professionals to thoroughly track a wide range of trainee and feedback metrics…

Bold BI for the human resources department – common metrics

With Bold BI’s user-friendly, fully customizable, interactive dashboards, you can track all the key performance indicators that HR management and executive teams depend on:

  • Proportion of applicants in each stage of recruitment.
  • Metrics about the time and cost of hiring a candidate.
  • Equitable ratio of men and women in workplace.
  • Employees divided by department, rating, salary, and status.
  • Ratio of employee absences to workdays in a month.

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