HR Recruitment

Track HR KPIs and metrics—offer acceptance ratio, time and cost to hire, and more.

Bold BI HR Dashboard

This hiring dashboard provides an overall view of the hiring process of a company, along with important HR KPIs and metrics. You learn about the number of open positions, number of applicants for those positions, and complete applicant details in a single place. With this HR recruitment dashboard, you can get answers for questions like:

  • How much money and time are spent to hire new candidates?
  • What is the proportion of hired candidates compared to applicants for open positions in the marketing department?
  • How many applicants who applied via job boards are in the screening stage?

Click on each bar present in the bar chart at the bottom left to see the recruitment status of each department. Most importantly, by looking into proportions of applicants in each stage of the recruitment funnel, you can identify the bottlenecks, if any, that exist in the overall hiring process.

Applications received by source

With this recruitment dashboard, you can evaluate how efficient your recruitment process is and how smartly you hire. Meanwhile, tracking the number of applications received by source allows you to find the best source of incoming applications. As a step to better recruiting in the future, you can plan for advertisements in the most relevant sources.  

Offer acceptance rate

The offer acceptance rate compares the number of candidates who successfully accepted a job offer with the number of candidates who received an offer. As a result, this metric indicates how attractive and competitive your job offers are.

Applicant details table

Finally, a table is essential to show the details and statuses of applicants. In addition, you can track the current status of all the applications from initial screening until closed or hired. Sort any of the columns to bring the needed rows into the visual area with the remaining available upon scrolling. Moreover, you can see that the ‘Status’ column is customized to show the two important statuses with icons: Hired and Closed


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