Email Campaign Performance

Track opens, clicks, campaign revenue, and more.


This marketing campaign performance dashboard highlights a company’s key email metrics. With this dashboard, viewers can answer the following questions:

  • Firstly, how many emails did we send? How many were delivered?
  • Secondly, how many customers opened our emails and registered clicks?
  • Thirdly, how many customers unsubscribed?
  • Finally, how much did we invest in our campaigns, and how much revenue did we earn?

Track Key Email Metrics

With the card widgets along the top and right side of the dashboard, marketing leaders can track emails sent, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, and unique subscriber clicks. Further, leaders can see the number of customers who have either unsubscribed or reported abuse.

Analyze Opens, Clicks, and Revenue

It is also worth noting that three of the dashboard’s four charts offer additional insight into opens and clicks. The Open Rate vs Click Rate by Date widget tracks emails’ open and click rates by date. Similarly, the Open Rate vs Click Rate by Campaign widget displays this information organized by campaign rather than date. Then, the Opens vs Clicks by Campaign bar graph displays the number of individual opens and clicks.

Finally, the Investment and Revenue by Campaign bar chart breaks down the company’s campaigns by type, showing how much each type of campaign cost and how much revenue the company earned. This data is crucial as it helps marketing leaders assess the returns they are seeing on their investments.




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