Incident Management Monitoring

Track ticket statuses, average time to resolution, and more.

Incident Management Dashboard - Bold BI

This ServiceNow dashboard provides an overview of key support metrics. With this dashboard, we can answer the following questions: 


  • Firstly, how many incidents did customers open this month?
  • Secondly, how many incidents did we close and resolve this month?
  • Thirdly, what is our average time to resolution?
  • Finally, what is the breakdown of our incidents by category?

Simplify Support Operations

With an incident management dashboard, support team leaders can prioritize tasks, work more efficiently, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

For example, the card widgets on this ServiceNow dashboard provide a quick and easy-to-read overview of the number of new, closed, and resolved incidents for the last and current months. The gauge widget displays the average time to resolution, a crucial metric for any support team.

The dashboard’s two line charts offer additional insight into the current month’s data by displaying the number of new, resolved, and unresolved incidents via a daily breakdown. Further, the “Incident Status” widget displays all tickets organized by status and priority level. This critical data provides an overall picture of the team’s workload for the current month.

The “New Incidents by Category” doughnut chart reveals the sources of the team’s new tickets, allowing them to identify any problem areas that may arise. 

Finally, the bar graph in the bottom right corner of the dashboard shows the number of created and closed incidents for the past six months. This data allows leaders to note any trends that may occur over time.


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