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Getting Started with the Bing Maps Widget

If you are a Bold BI Cloud user, log in to your cloud site account. If you are an Embedded BI user, open the Bold BI application installed on your server.

Click the “New Dashboard” button and select the “Blank Dashboard” option. A pop-up box will prompt you to configure a data source.

I have an Excel file titled “World Population Data of the year 2020” on my local machine. I can add this file as a new data source by clicking the “Data Sources” icon.


Now, I am going to click “CREATE NEW” to launch a new connection from the connection panel. In the connection panel, I am going to select the “Excel” data source to add my Excel file to Bold BI.


Then, I have to upload my file by using the “Browse” button and clicking “Preview & Connect.” It will navigate to the Data Preview dialog.




After clicking “Connect,” the data design view page will open as in the image below.


Now, I am going to drop the table in the table canvas and save the data source by clicking the “Save” button.


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