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Customizing the Combo Chart Widget

Now that I have assigned data to my widget, I am going to click the “Properties” tab to customize it. First, I am going to change the widget’s name from “ComboChart1” to “Attempts vs Attained Goals.”


I would like to visualize the top 5 goal scorers along with their numbers of attempts. To achieve this, I can click “Edit” under the “Filter(s)” option in the Column “Settings” menu.


When I click the “Edit” option, a dialog will open. There, I am going to enable “Rank” and set the Count to ‘5’ for the “Goals” Column.


After clicking “OK,” my widget will show the top 5 goal scorers in the World Cup, along with their attempts on target. Here, I can see the values by hovering over the widget.


With the help of the “Properties” column, I can see the number of goals scored and the number of attempts by enabling “Show Value Labels” in “Basic Settings.”

Also, I can change the chart type and axis type using the “Change” button in “Basic Settings.”


Here, I would like to change the chart type for my Primary Value(s) to “Line.”


After clicking “OK,” my widget shows line graphs detailing the top 5 goal scorers with their numbers of attempts in the World Cup.


Also, I can customize the name and position of the Legend under “Basic Settings” in the “Properties” column.


Under the “Axis” section in the “Properties” column, I can customize axis settings like Show or Hide Axis Title, Edit Axis Range, and Label Rotation.


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