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Narrowing Down the Data for Column Chart Widget

With Bold BI’s Dashboard, it is easy to filter data by virtually any criteria you like. In the “Assign Data” tab, select the “Options” button that appears beside the relevant field. In this case, I want my widget to display fewer player names, so that is the field I need to work with.

choose Options button where we can to apply filter to the data








After you click the “Options” button, click “Filter(s).” This will allow you to filter the data according to your desired criteria.

explore the Filter dialog after selecting Filter from the Options







In order to display the top six goal scorers, I simply need to click the “Rank” checkbox, select “Top” from the drop-down list box for the “Mode” option, and change the “Count” option to 6. Finally, I need to change the “Column” drop-down list box to “Goals.”

filter popup allows to configure the data to be filtered for the required widget








This ensures that my data will be filtered such that the widget will only display the top six goal scorers.

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