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Customizing the Pyramid or Funnel Chart Widget

To filter my data, I will click the “Options” button that appears beside the “PlayerName” field and click “Filter(s).”

choose Options button where we can to apply filter to the data







In order to show the six players with the most attempts on target, I need to click the “Rank” checkbox, select “Top” from the drop-down list box for the “Mode” option, and change the “Count” option to 6. Finally, I need to change the “Column” drop-down list box to “Attempts On Target.”

filter popup allows to configure the data to be filtered for the required widget








Now, my widget’s data is far easier to read; however, I would like to make a few additional changes.

dashboard view shows the filtered pyramid results










First, I would like to replace the percentage values on my widget with numeric values. Second, I would like to make my widget display a legend so I can see which color represents which player without hovering over the player’s pyramid segment. I can make both of these modifications in the “Properties” tab.

After I click the widget’s “Options” button and navigate to the “Properties” tab, I see a section titled “Basic Settings.”

Basic Settings helps to customize the widget







In this section, I can click the checkbox beside the “Show Legend” option to make my widget display a guide demonstrating which segment color is associated with which player.

I can also change the “Data Label” drop-down list box option to “Value” in order to make my pyramid display numeric values instead of percentages.

Now, my pyramid widget looks the way I want it to look; it displays the numeric value of each player’s assists, and it contains a color-coded legend demonstrating which pyramid segment represents each player.

dashboard view explores with the modified pyramid based on basic settings applied










It is worth noting that if you would like to create a funnel chart widget, you can do so using exactly the same steps that are outlined above. The only difference between the pyramid widget and the funnel widget is that the pyramid widget displays values in a progressively increasing manner while the funnel widget showcases values in a progressively decreasing manner.

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