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Customizing the Spline or Line Chart Widget

In order to make my widget easier to read, I am going to narrow down the data it displays. I have decided that instead of seeing the statistics for all of the players in the World Cup, I would only like to see data for the six players with the most penalty goals.

In order to achieve this, I need to click the “Options” button that appears beside the “PlayerName” field in the “Columns” box and click “Filter(s).”

More options shows to change the date settings







Then, I need to click the “Rank” checkbox, select “Top” from the drop-down list box for the “Mode” option, and change the “Count” option to 6. Finally, I need to change the “Column” drop-down list box to “Penalties Scored.”

filter popup allows to configure the data to be filtered for the required widget








Now, I am happy with my spline widget’s appearance, but I would like to customize it so that if I click on a player’s name, I am able to see the name of their team.

dashboard view explores the filtered spline results










To do this, I will enable the multi-level drill down feature. As the name implies, this option will allow me to drill down my data even further by displaying another level of information.

To enable multi-level drill down, I will navigate back to the “Assign Data” tab. Making this customization will require me to modify the data that is associated with players’ names, so I need to locate the “Columns” box.

Currently, the only field in the “Columns” box is the “PlayerName” field. If I would like my widget to display the names of the players’ teams, I need to add the “TeamName” field to the “Columns” box.

Thus, I will drag the “TeamName” field to the “Columns” box and place it underneath the “PlayerName” field. When I do this, a box will pop up asking me if I want to enable multi-level drill down.

popup allows to enable the multi-level drill down







After I click “Yes,” the “Columns” box displays the “PlayerName” field on top of the “TeamName” field. The widget’s appearance has not changed, but multi-level drill down is now enabled. This means that I can click the data points on my spline widget to obtain additional information (in this case, the name of the team that each player represented in the World Cup).

columns view where we allow to apply Multi-level DrillDown






I can test the widget’s functionality by clicking the “Preview” button in the upper right corner of my dashboard, navigating to the spline widget, and hovering over a player’s dot on the widget. White diagonal lines appear within the blue dot, which indicates that I can click the dot to view additional information.

widget shows additional information on clicking the dot








After I click the dot, the player’s data is displayed, and the name of their team appears at the bottom of the widget.

widget shows the player’s and the name of their team appears at the bottom of the widget after clicking the dot









Finally, it is worth noting that if you would like to create a line chart widget, you can do so using exactly the same steps that are outlined above. The only difference between the spline widget and the line widget is that the spline widget uses smooth curves to connect data points while the line widget uses straight lines to connect data points. However, the widgets’ functionalities are the same.

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