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Configuring the KPI Card Widget with a KPI Value

Under the “KPI Value” column in the “Properties” panel, we can change the KPI formula to compare actual and target values. The available formulas are:

  • Absolute Difference
  • Percent of Target
  • Percent of Change
  • Percent of Difference

Available KPI formulas

I have decided to use the “Percent of Target” type as I would like to easily see the percentage value of sales for which I have received payment. My completed card widget looks like this.

Displaying KPI Value

As I continue to scroll down the “Properties” column, I see a section titled “Indicator”. In this section, I can choose the type of indicator, along with its placement, position, and color.

Then, I can apply the above KPI formulas to the left and right values and can customize them by changing the font size, color, and caption properties.

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