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Assigning Data to the Number Card Widget

First, I need to drag the widget from the “Card” section of the widget menu to my dashboard. Then, I am going to resize the widget by dragging its edges so that it will be easy to read. This is what my number card widget looks like before I have assigned data to it.

Number card widget

To assign data to my widget, I need to click the “Settings” button in the upper right corner of the widget. Then, I will click the “Assign Data” tab.

I immediately see two columns. In the left column, I can select different fields called “Measures” and “Dimensions.” I can drag these fields to the “Measure” and “Series” boxes in the right column.

Number card assign data section

I know that card widgets allow me to see single values and series of measure values. Thus, in this widget, I would like to see the current month’s revenue for each product.

I am going to drag and drop “Current Month Revenue” to the “Measure” box and “Product Name” to the “Series” box.

Measures section

Series section


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