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Customizing the Pivot Grid Widget

Now that I have assigned data to my widget, I am going to click the “Properties” tab to customize it. First, I am going to change the widget’s name from “PivotGrid1” to “Unit price of each product”.

Pivot grid - Renaming

I would like to see the value in dollars, so I am going to apply this format in the “Value(s)” box under the “Settings” menu.

Pivot grid - Settings menu display

Now I am going to click the “Format” option, and the “Measure Formatting” dialog will be opened. In that dialog, I will choose “Currency” as “Type.” I can then see a preview.

Pivot grid - Measure formatting

Now, my widget looks like the grid below.

Pivot grid - Customized result

The pivot grid widget has many unique features, and I would like to explore the features below to further customize my widget.

  • Adding one or more rows and columns
  • Grand totals and subtotals of columns and rows
  • Preserving Node States
  • Showing No Data Item
  • Conditionally formatting in the pivot grid
  • Linking URLs for field values
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