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Customizing the Radar Polar Chart Widget

Now that I have assigned data to my widget, I am going to click the “Properties” tab to customize it. First, I am going to change the widget’s name from “RadarPolarChart1” to “Performance of players in World Cup”.

Radar chart Renaming

I would like to visualize the performance of the players who comes under Top 5 Ranking. To achieve this, I can “Edit” Filter(s) option in Column “Settings” menu.

Radar chart Sorting

When I click the “Edit” option, a dialog will open and in that I am going to enable “Rank” and choose the Count as ’5’ for the Rank Column.

Radar chart Rank filter

After clicking “OK”, my widget will show the Top 5 Players performance in world cup.

Radar chart binded result

With the help of properties column, I can make few additional changes to my widget. First, I would like to change my widget draw type as “Radar”. Second, I would like to see the medals received by each country without hovering over the Country name. This can be achieved by choosing the Draw Type as “Radar” and by enabling the “Show Value Label” under the “Basic Settings”.

Radar chart draw type

Now, my widget looks the way I want it to look; it displays the player’s performance with Radar visualization.

Radar chart radar view

Under the “Properties” column, I can change the color of the Legend name by changing it in a “Series Palette” section.

Radar chart series palette

Also, I can customize the name and position of the Legend under “Legend Settings” in the “Properties” column.

Radar chart legend settings

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