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Customizing the Radial Gauge Widget

Now that I have assigned data to my widget, I am going to click the “Properties” tab to customize it. First, I am going to change the widget’s name from “RadialGauge1” to “Expense of Previous Month vs Current Month”.

Gauge renaming

In the “Properties” column, I can change the type of widget by changing the type as “Half Circle”under the “Basic Settings”.

Gauge basic settings

Now my widget looks like below and show the Variation and Percent of Target with the sum of Previous Month and Current Month Expenses. Here, I can see the values by hovering over the widget.

Gauge binded result

In the “Properties” column, I can customize the value pointer with available types and colors under the “Pointer Settings”.

Gauge pointer settings

Here, I am choosing the “Value Pointer” as “Range with Needle” and changed the color of Range Pointer and my widget looks like below.

Gauge pointer result

In the “Properties” column, I can enable the “Show Range” to show the selected range of values with selected range color under the “Range Settings”.

Gauge range settings

Now my widget will show the range of values with varying color as shown in below.

Gauge range result

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