Connect your Zendesk account with Bold BI and monitor your customer service departments overall performance. The benefits of using Bold BI with Zendesk include: 

  • Managers will always be one step ahead, improving their support team by keeping an eye on hold times, wait times, and dropped calls. 
  • Management can more easily decide when its time to bring in more support agents to the team with the help of the latest data displayed in dashboards. 
  • Dashboards that track different metrics related to support, chat, answer bot, guide, and talk can drive your support service improvements.

Zendesk Dashboard Templates

Deploy prebuilt Zendesk dashboard in mere seconds via dashboard templates. Read more

  • Support Tickets Tracker
You control the entire experience

Zendesk Dashboard

Analyze your support ticket volumes over time using the Zendesk dashboard. Get detailed information about the volume of tickets based on priority, type, and satisfaction rate over time.

  • Data like satisfaction rates and the number of tickets by created, open, and closed states in last seven days and last 30 days lets you know the overall performance of your support team.
  • Information about tickets created via different channels and priorities lets you make effective decisions to provide better support.

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