Bold BI Sub-processors

Effective April 12, 2023

Bold BI relies on a number of sub-processors, third-party service providers, and content delivery networks to help deliver our services. These sub-processors are carefully selected, and we take great care to ensure that the data they handle is secure and that they are in compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations.A comprehensive list of all sub-processors, including their names and locations, as well as details on the security measures they have implemented, can be found in the table below.

Third-Party Sub-processors

PurposeEntity CountryWebsite
Digital OceanData HostingUnited States
Azure (Microsoft)Hosting, cloud IT and request monitoring servicesUnited States
Amazon Web ServicesContent Delivery NetworkGlobal
Amazon Web ServicesEmail Service ProviderUnited States
CrispChat TechnologyUnited States
Google CloudHosting and Cloud IT servicesUnited States
Better UptimeCommunications technology provider (Status page)United States
MailChimpMarketingUnited States
StripePayment ProcessingUnited States
ClearOutEmail Validation ServiceEurope
BrandSSLSSL Certificate ProviderUnited States

Syncfusion Sub-processors

Entity NameEntity CountryWebsite
Bold DeskUnited States
SyncfusionUnited States
Bold IDUnited States
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