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Bold BI Release History - 6.10


Released on August 04, 2023

New Features

Data Sources

  • #12494, #361876, #467791 – Provided support for the Azure Data Bricks connection through the ODBC connector.
  • #441786 – Provided support for the TDEngine connector in Bold BI.


Data sources

  • #420390 – Provided API support to create SQL data sources with multiple tables by defining join conditions.
  • Enabled the Xero template dashboards on the cloud site.
  • Enabled the Twilio template dashboard on the cloud site.
  • Provided support for the specific table selection in the additional parameter option when creating a data source.


  • Improved the REST API by adding pagination support for users, groups, and permissions.
  • Added the Rest API to retrieve published resource details in on-premise deployments.
  • Added the option to show or hide error trace information.
  • Added the ability to customize the idle timeout duration.


  • #472359 – Provided support to consider column width and alignment in the Excel export for Grid.
  • #474783 – Provided support to include primary and secondary fields in KPI when the grid is configured with the PoP widget.
  • #464947 – Provided alignment support for summary row value and title for grid.


  • Provided an option to enable or disable the toolbar option in the view underlying data.
  • Provided Dashboard Parameter support in the initial filter for string, number, and date range type columns.

Bug Fixes

Data sources

  • #472766 – Resolved issue in using string_agg expression in the Pivot Grid widget.
  • #485365 – Fixed issue in creating live web data sources through API.
  • #485370 – Resolved issue in creating custom connector data sources through API.
  • Resolved issues in data extraction from MySQL where the date values are of MySQL datetime type.
  • Fixed data selection not being retained in the dropdown of query filters.
  • Fixed issue in uploading dashboard that uses stored procedures.
  • Fixed issues in period over period widget filtering where there were more data being null.
  • Fixed unable to upload file when appending data source without saving data source issue.
  • Fixed appended file not deleted when using Azure AD issue.
  • Fixed file name not properly showing in the selected tables dropdown for the MySQL IMDB in the append dialog.
  • #466855 – Fixed Instance name changed and got connection timeout error in edit mode when using the Oracle data source.
  • #485773 – Fixed the Jira API connection error after updating to the latest version.
  • #483219 – Showing the proper error message instead of the wrong error message in the JIRA connector.
  • #483486 – Resolved the data retrieval error in the MySQL connector.
  • Fixed the data retrieval error that occurs when configuring a shared table while publishing or previewing the dashboard for the MySQL IMDB.
  • Fixed the data retrieval error that occurs when publishing or previewing the dashboard for the MySQL IMDB.
  • Fixed the Object reference issue when refreshing the data source in the MYSQL IMDB.
  • Resolved the Underlying Data Display Issue in the Grid widget in the Embedding environment.
  • Fixed the API Key being retained in the URL when uploading the non-sensitive data source dashboard.
  • #478315 Fixed the Amazon Redshift data source in the Extract mode not working issue.
  • #484658 Fixed an issue where the list collection operation process was being skipped when creating a MongoDB data source via the API.
  • Fixed the issue where the no data displayed message was shown when configuring the columns of value 0 in widgets.


  • #484518 – Fixed an issue where the pages were not opening on the same tab when the “EnableSameTabLinkTarget” flag was set to true.
  • Fixed an issue where importing all users was not disabled even if there were no users listed to import.
  • Fixed an issue where the schedule calculation was incorrect for a specific time range in certain time zones.
  • Fixed an issue where the “get link” and “copy dashboard” features were not working on mobile devices.


  • Fixed an issue where special characters were not properly handled when passing them as dashboard parameters in JS embedding.
  • Fixed the UI typo error in the authentication settings and provider.
  • Resolved the group-based authorization issue in JS embedding.


  • #485445 – Fixed the “Show All” option is disabled by default when upgrading to the latest build.
  • #480107 – Fixed the conditional formatting discard issue when applied based on the hidden column.
  • #480383 – Fixed the selected tab indicator excessive length in the Tab widget.
  • #479575 – Fixed view underlying data issues with the chart widget.
  • #479722 – Fixed the issue with export when parametrized URL is applied in the Image widget.
  • Fixed the “Widget has not been configured” message showing in the text filter widget instead of “No data to be Displayed” when the applied URL filter is not present in the data.
  • Fixed the Custom Action for Inter Widget Linking not maintaining after closing preview.
  • Hidden summary row properties on the grid when PoP was configured.
  • Fixed linking properties disabling issue.
  • Fixed RTE widget’s insert table buttons UI issue.
  • Fixed the improper legend issues in the combo chart widget when applying conditional formatting.
  • Fixed the Bing map widget PDF export issue.


  • #483701 – Restricted icon is not shown when moving over the values section with the hierarchical field dragged has been fixed.
  • #477230 – Widget is loading endlessly while editing the dashboard issue has been fixed.
  • #481868 – Fixed the issue in schedule export where the initial filter does not apply.
  • Fixed the issue in publishing dashboard with a user-based filter.
  • After applying the filter, the label parameter will not display the text, or the filtered data has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of the renamed column name does not apply in the view underlying data.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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