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Bold BI Release History - 6.12


Released on September 05, 2023


Data sources

  • Logged refresh schedule details to the new Bold BI Metadata table in the table name boldbi_dsmetrics.Provided support for customizing the Placeholder of a Combo Box
  • Provided multiple file support to file data sources.
  • Provide custom attribute support for an additional connection parameter column in the data source connection page for the SQL and MYSQL connectors.


  • #488673 – Added the ability to select the same category name of the dashboard in the publish dialog.
  • #449656 – Implemented REST API support for retrieving and updating Look and Feel settings.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting, editing, and deleting connected sites.
  • Implemented REST API support for adding Multi-tab Dashboards.
  • Implemented REST API support for moving a dashboard from one category to another.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting, adding, and removing deployment dashboards in on-premise deployments.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting and updating datastore settings in on-premise deployments.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting Email settings in on-premise deployments.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting CORS settings.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting Azure AD settings.
  • Implemented REST API support for getting Azure AD Synchronization schedule settings.


  • #474034 – Option to ignore SSL certificate validation errors to support self-signed certificates in on-premise deployments.


  • #429218 – Support was provided for handling special characters in URL filtering.
  • #455834, #454932 – Support was provided for using multiple conditions with AND/OR in the URL filter.
  • #487481 – Support was provided to display missing column details in the error dialogue for the download upload feature.
  • #496576, #496874 – CSV export support was provided for the dashboard.
  • Support was provided for different time periods in the Auto Refresh Widget.
  • Support was provided for a DateTime Picker in the Dashboard Parameter UI in preview or view mode.
  • Linking support was provided for the Combine widget.

Bug Fixes

Data sources

  • #486017 – Fixed site-to-site publishing issue in the Google Big Query connector.
  • #494424, #495853 – Fixed UI inconsistencies in the Threshold option.
  • #492917 – Fixed issues in shared tables not listed when the PostgreSQL database is used as a data store.
  • #494431 – Fixed an issue in using multiple parameters in the additional connection parameters text box.
  • Resolved the issue in using Date functions for date datatype columns in the Elasticsearch connector.
  • Fixed issues in additional connection parameters not retained in the MySQL Extract mode.
  • Modified invalid example message shown for Total expression.
  • Resolved the stored procedure extraction issue in the Oracle connector.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in UI in a display of examples in expressions.
  • #492012 – Fixed exception occurs while selecting the value in the DSN drop-down of the ODBC connector in the Linux Environment.
  • #497248 – Object reference error when uploading dashboards using SQL data sources.
  • #495861 – Improved UI consistency of the Append feature.
  • #492651 – Resolved the issue that displayed an alert about schema changes when reconnecting to a live mode data source.
  • #487979 – Fixed the Redshift Data source UI, which was changing to PostgreSQL after publishing.
  • #490936 – Fixed the issue where you could not create a data source with Excel data in Hebrew.
  • Resolved the issue where descriptions were not retained when updating the value in the edit connection for the file-related data sources.
  • Fixed the issue where the URL filter was not functioning properly when using a live data source.
  • Fixed the issue where the iterative parameter was not supported in the YouScan connector.
  • Fixed the issue where the description text was not displaying when adding a description to the query designer page.
  • Resolved the issue where the run query progress bar was displayed on the query designer page by default when creating another data source.
  • Resolved the issue of changing column type from string to date in the SSAS DS.
  • Resolved the issue in SSAS DS in the Expression Modules.
  • #492223 – Resolved the unknown database in the performance monitoring dashboard when configured with the MySQL MetaData DB.


  • Resolved the dashboard embedding issue in non-web applications.
  • Fixed the invalid error message showing unauthorized user access in JS embedding.
  • Resolved the multi-tab dashboard rendering issue with group-based authorization in JS embedding.


  • #485368 – Fixed an issue in creating dashboard views using REST API when the child item ID is empty.
  • #483830 – Fixed an issue in publishing data source with refresh settings when the refresh schedule occurrence end date is in the past.
  • #495164 – Fixed an issue in closing the release notification banner when the content is larger in on-premise deployments.
  • #490238 – Fixed an issue in showing multiple sites in the publish dialog when the site client ID is the same.
  • #495692 – Fixed an issue where opening the dashboard from the listing page is not working on mobile browsers.
  • Fixed an issue in login when the Bold BI site is deployed without a site identifier in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed an issue in dashboard rendering where the URL filter contains the OR symbol.
  • Fixed an issue in showing comments when comments are added to a combined widget.


  • #490558 – Sub-application startup failed while using the site URL and Sub-application name in upper case in on-premise deployments.
  • #476817 – Special characters such as \, ‘, and non-English characters are now supported in usernames in on-premise deployments.


  • #489537 – The issue with filter parameters not functioning correctly for the data source name containing brackets has been addressed.
  • #491002 – The problem with the “Usage analytics dashboard” not loading correctly with the IMDB as a MySQL connection has been fixed.
  • #483655 – The issue in Schedule where a new expression appears twice in the ‘Select Column’ dropdown has been resolved.
  • #483775 – The problem that arises when applying a filter between two data sources has been resolved.
  • #484669 – The issue in Filters Overview where the Clear Filter function does not work has been fixed.
  • #488464 – The problem of a gradual increase in App_data size due to temp files has been resolved.


  • #486520 – Fixed the issue of null values in Pie Charts.
  • #485352 – Fixed view mode data mismatch in Tree Map.
  • #487589 – Fixed the issue of Y-Axis trimming in Bar Charts.
  • #324153 – Fixed the issue with logarithmic axis in charts.
  • #493045 – Fixed the issue of Doughnut Chart size not retaining.
  • #465977 – Fixed the rendering issue with Bing Maps.
  • #492145 – Fixed the issue with conditional formatting in Radial Gauge.
  • Fixed excel exporting issues for Grid and Pivot Grid in old dashboards.
  • Fixed UI glitches in Grid Multi Selection icons in mobile mode.
  • Corrected custom date format issues in applicable widgets.
  • Restricted unwanted POP refresh calls when there is no selection.
  • Fixed UI glitches in Combobox, KPI Card, and Number Card.
  • Fixed the issue where Treemap More option was not showing when configured inside a Tab Widget.
  • Fixed Filter Overview issue in Grid when saving filtered views.
  • Addressed usability issues with POP Widgets.
  • Fixed the Map rendering issue upon closing the preview.
  • Fixed Combobox rendering issues in the Mobile App.
  • Fixed Null Exception in JavaScript embedding when configuring the Card Widget.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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