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Bold BI Release History - 6.14


Released on October 5, 2023

New Features

Data Sources

  • #493755, #481736, #489702 – Provided support for Rockset connector as a live connection in windows, linux and azure based on-premise deployments.
  • #501374 – Provided support for the Parquet file connector in on-premise deployments.


  • Provided support to import the user into Bold BI while doing group-based authorization with Azure AD and AWS in JavaScript-based embedding.
  • Provided support to embed multiple widgets in a single instance call in JavaScript-based embedding.


Data Sources

  • #497961 – Provided custom attribute support for data source connection properties for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ClickHouse, InfluxDB, SQLite, SSAS, Spark SQL, and Azure Data Explorer data sources.
  • #500215 – Improved Code view data source save flow by executing it only when the query differs.
  • #500038 – Provided support to retain the configuration when changing the database name in MySQL connector.


  • Provided CSV export support for dashboards in JavaScript-based embedding.
  • By making embed_timestamp an optional parameter for token-based SSO embedding, the expiration date for the Iframe Signature URL is extended.


  • #446386 – Provided option to include or exclude the Hidden Columns in Widget Exporting.
  • #502273 – Provided Support to Set the incremental range in the Range Slider Widget.
  • #504212 – Provided option to customize the padding in the RTE widget.
  • Added Logs for moving the shape files to appdata folder on the build upgrade process.
  • Provided Custom appdata path support to shape files.


  • #467694 – Enhanced the usability of the View Underlying data in the widget properties panel.
  • #500808 – Included a feature to remove the shadow from the Line widget in the widget properties panel.
  • Provided default dashboard Parameter for Browser Language.
  • Improved the upload experience for data sources with different schema by providing proper details on the effect on the uploaded dashboard.


  • Provided Rest API support to rename pinboard.
  • Provided Rest API support to unlist the dashboard.
  • Provided Rest API support to get linked dashboards of the data source.


  • #499578 – NFS file share support is included for AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) deployment.
  • #475254 – IIS application pool is created or upgraded based on the machine’s bit size in Windows deployment.
  • #503322 – Improved the single container Docker workflow to overcome the problem of container exit if any services go down.

Bug Fixes

Data sources

  • #505388 – Fixed the issue where the Total Percentage expression was not working when using another expression in MYSQL IMDB.
  • #494413 – Resolved the issue where connecting to the Alchemer data source without metadata was impossible.
  • #501523 – Fixed an issue where uploading a dashboard containing a MySQL extract data source was impossible.
  • #493440 – Fixed the issue where the filtered data was not displayed correctly when using the PoP widget.
  • #48386 – Resolved the issue where it was impossible to join the same table if it existed in a different schema in a PostgreSQL live connection.
  • Fixed an issue where Query Execution Metrics showed incorrect data on the widgets.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Sampling Count was missing when editing the Datasource.
  • Fixed an issue where a query was removed when enabled, and the code view was displayed on the Query Designer page.
  • Fixed an issue where a Total expression could be created in an invalid format.
  • Fixed an issue facing the Network Performance Dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue where data was not imported from SQL Server to PostgreSQL IMDB when the GeoGraph data type was available on SQL Server.
  • Fixed the issue where the DATEPART Expression did not work in Azure Data Explorer.
  • Fixed the issue when creating Date, String, and COALESCE expressions in Azure Data Explorer.


  • #499493 – Fixed Bing Maps PDF export issue.
  • #501844 – Fixed pivot grid shows wrong data for expression while Excel export.
  • #496670 – Fixed Pivot Grid and Grid Subtitle color customization issue in theme file.
  • #498175 – Fixed Tree Map data retrieval issue on applying custom color.
  • #497985 – Fixed Expand Nodes State maintenance issue in Pivot Grid.
  • #500811 – Fixed label widget rendering issue in the classic dashboard.
  • #501738 – Fixed Grid Exporting issue on configuring summary row.
  • #479362 – Fixed Grid Unnecessary scrollbar issue.
  • #499524 – Fixed Tab widget issue in adding tabs immediately after deleting the tabs.
  • Fixed Chart displays unwanted legend on switching the chart type.
  • Fixed Widget displays unwanted tooltip after deleting the Widget.
  • Fixed Draft failed issue on empty the Numeric Text Box in Widgets Property panel.


  • #496276 – Fixed the issue where the exported PDF appeared empty when the dashboard name contained special characters.
  • #460081 – Updated to the latest XlsIO library in BOLDBI to solve the Hyberlink issue in the Excel export.
  • #503640 – Resolved the issue where the image was not displayed for the image widget in the copied dashboard.
  • #495217 – Fixed the issue where created expressions were not visible in the assigned data section.
  • Resolved the issue where the dropped widget was positioned randomly in the design canvas when rendering the dashboard in the second container for embed.
  • Resolved the issue where the filter overview icon was not displayed in the initial widget rendering.
  • Fixed the issue where the custom font family was not applied for the dashboard parameter and master-slave filter window.
  • Fixed the issue where the custom font style was not reflected in the Image and PDF widgets export.
  • Resolved the issue where the export action was failing when the transparency value was removed from the widget properties panel.
  • Fixed the issue where editing the dashboard before uploading action with SQL data source resulted in an error.
  • Resolved the issue where renaming was not retained after changing the custom hierarchy name.
  • Fixed the issue where the embed code option was not available in a widget context menu on the dashboard rendering page.
  • Resolved the issue where an incorrect error message was displayed when the dashboard ID was invalid in the Preconfigured Widgets.
  • Resolved the usability issues in the Data Alert window.
  • Fixed the issue where the Label parameter was not functioning properly in a specific use case.
  • Fixed the issue where state maintenance was not functioning correctly for special character and Encrypt parameters option in widget linking.
  • Resolved the usability issues in the widget properties panel.
  • Fixed the issue where the remove tooltip did not vanish after deleting a dashboard upload.
  • Resolved the usability issues in the dashboard download and upload UI.


  • #505653 – Fixed the issue where newly created schedule and existing schedule are not showing under schedules page due to missing database upgrade script in on-premise deployments.
  • #506087 – Fixed the issue where data refresh is not working properly due to missing database upgrade script in on-premise deployments.
  • #506514 – Fixed the issue where publishing a dashboard from one site to another site is not working due to missing database upgrade script in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed issue where end date is validating incorrectly even when schedule is supposed to end based on the number of occurrences.
  • Fixed issue where tooltip show and hide is not handled properly on grid in groups listing page.

Known Bugs

  • #493755, #481736, #489702 – Rockset connector is not supported in Cloud, Kubernetes and Docker environment.

Important Note

Note – The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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