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Bold BI Release History - 6.15


Released on October 18, 2023


Data Sources

  • #493755, #481736, #489702 – Provided support for Rockset connector as a live connection in cloud deployment and Kubernetes and Docker-based on-premises deployments.
  • #501374 – Provided support for Parquet file connector in cloud deployment and Kubernetes and docker-based on-premises deployments.
  • #509246 – Provided option to enable/disable query preparation, query execution and data processing metrics in debug files and API response. Data Post-processing time
  • 1.5x performance improved for virtual scrolling and TOP N filtering in Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle data sources.
  • #497535 – Provided incremental refresh support for the YouScan connector.


  • #499676 – Improved the REST API to retrieve the dashboard, data source, slideshows, and schedules based on group permissions.
  • #499582 – Provided support for showing or hiding the required login provider option based on the configured settings in syncfusion managed cloud hosted solution.
  • Added REST API support to retrieve and modify Windows Active Directory settings in on-premise deployments.
  • Added REST API support to retrieve and modify Windows Active Directory synchronization settings in on-premise deployments.


  • #492685 – Added support for displaying pivot cell values as percentages.
  • Added an option to toggle the visibility of the ‘All’ option in the list box.

Bug Fixes

Data sources

  • #482814 – Fixed issue uploading dashboards with data sources created using custom attributes.
  • #509682 – Resolved the issue where the Pivot grid was not working with the Average function – shadow 506415.
  • #507531 – Fixed the problem of being unable to connect to the live agent data source.
  • #507443 – Resolved the problem where expressions returned zero in Google Big Query.
  • #507445 – Resolved the issue of Min and Max customizations not working for Big Query.
  • #498130 – Resolved the problem of the Dashboard upload not working with the SQL stored procedure data source.
  • Fixed and displayed the proper error message instead of a JSON data format issue when connecting with an invalid token.
  • Fixed the issue of refreshing MySQL in custom query extract mode.
  • Resolved the removal of sensitive data from the refresh log.
  • Fixed the issue in a specific table where it fetched duplicate tables in the MySQL connector.
  • Fixed a double data type conversion issue in the dashboard parameter field type for Live Web connection.
  • Resolved the “Data retrieval Error” when combining data sources after a refresh.
  • Resolved the console issue when clicking “No” in the alert popup for SQL edit connection.
  • Resolved the issue of empty data when enabling and disabling code review mode on the query designer page.
  • Fixed the issue when creating the condition->NOT Expression in Azure Data Explorer.
  • Resolved the Data retrieval error thrown while applying conditional formatting using MySQL live data source.
  • Fixed the issue in the code view when connected to ODBC SQL Server.
  • Fixed the issue in the Date (HOUR/MINUTE) Expression in the Snowflake data source.


  • Show a valid error message if the dashboard path format is incorrect in JS-based embedding.
  • Show the valid error message when expiration time is provided without a timestamp in token-based embedding.
  • Show the valid error message if a group isn’t imported to the BoldBI server during group-based authorization in JS-based embedding.
  • Hided the save and save-as icons in FiltersOverview dialog for the public dashboards in JS based embedding.
  • Validated and shows prompt message, if we called deleteFilterView method with invalid viewId in JS based embedding.


  • #506943 – Fixed issue in CSV user import when the user count is more than 1000 in syncfusion managed cloud hosted solution.
  • #509534 – Fixed an issue where no dashboard gets listed in the publish module page after upgrading Bold BI from a version lower than 6.12 to the latest version in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue of selected date value not showing in webhook and email log page when dark theme is applied.
  • Fixed the issue where a recently created view is displayed on the delete confirmation dialog instead of the actual view.
  • Fixed the issue where the maximum recurrence value was not being validated properly in the dashboard and data source refresh schedule.


  • #458995 – Resolved an issue with individual color customization in Bing Maps.
  • #507644 – Fixed a chart rendering issue that occurred when null values were present in rows.
  • #505597 – Fixed an issue with Grid Exporting when the grid was configured with empty summary rows.
  • #494433 – Resolved a Text Widget performance issue that occurred when ‘Fit to Auto Font Size’ was enabled.
  • Restricted the binding of Numeric Fields to the Range Navigator’s Argument section.
  • Fixed an issue where the combine widget icon overlapped when configuring the combine widget in a single row.
  • Fixed a combine widget maximize issue in mobile mode.


  • #504344 – Fixed the issue where the data cache refresh message was not displayed for some users in the dashboard view.
  • #501692 – Resolved the problem where the Listener widget selection was not retained while adjusting widgets inside the tabbed widget.
  • #502279 – Fixed the problem where filter information was not properly retained in Views for specific use cases.
  • #505648 – Resolved the issue where duplicate fields were listed in the Select Column dropdown in view data for the Embedding dashboard.
  • Resolved the problem of multiple filter conditions not being added during the filter action with multiple widgets.
  • Fixed the issue of using the Dashboard Parameter with special characters in the URL filter.
  • Resolved the problem where the image and PDF options were not displayed in the view underlying data for mobile mode.
  • Fixed the problem of not preserving the date format while exporting Excel data with date values.
  • Fixed the problem where the Select All dashboard checkbox was not properly preserved in the upload dashboard for uploading more dashboards.
  • Fixed the issue where the uploaded file count displayed the wrong count in specific cases.
  • Resolved the problem where the Dark Theme was not applied to the Reload User and Group List Icon in the Embedding dashboard.
  • Fixed the problem where widgets were not reorganized after changing the layout option in the pinboard.

Important Note

Note – The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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