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Bold BI Release History - 6.18


Released on December 06, 2023


Data sources

  • #497961 – Integrated the custom attribute and dashboard parameter support for command timeout and max rows property in data source connection properties.
  • #512674 – In edit connection, highlighted empty fields without letting the user select the database.


  • Provided support for configuring Microsoft 365 email settings with OAuth authentication in UMS in on-premise deployments.


  • #517829 – Provided support to maintain the expanded nodes in pivot grid excel export.
  • #447296 – Provided support to configure the dashboard parameters in the Chart Axis Range Customization dialog.


  • Support has been provided to export the widget as a PDF in multiple pages for Grid and Card widgets.

Bug Fixes


  • #506887 – Resolved the issue where links in UMS did not open in a new tab when the EnableSameTabLinkTarget value is set to false in on-premise deployments.
  • #524952 – Resolved the URL redirection issue occurring after logging in with JWT in on-premise deployments.
  • #526486 – Resolved the issue with the branding logos not being updated in Docker environments during auto-deployment in on-premise deployments.


  • #519405 – Included the hidden column in csv exporting.
  • #522510 – Fixed the card widget flashing issue while enabling the auto-refresh.
  • Fixed the unwanted scrollbar displayed in the bar charts when large data is configured.
  • Fixed the Heatmap tooltip UX glitch in the multi-tab dashboard.
  • Fixed the unwanted space in the chart widget’s legend as a dropdown icon on maximize.
  • Fixed the UX glitch in Image widget on the initial rendering.
  • Fixed the data label positioning issue in 100% Stacked Charts.
  • Fixed the Summary Row Not Included in Excel Export.
  • Handled the errors in KPI and number card image configuration.


  • #518059 – Fixed the issue where the Relative date filter is not saved in the date picker when the data cache is enabled.
  • #517400 – Fixed the issue of null dates in the dashboard parameter when using the UK data language.
  • #520302 – Fixed the issue where the widget took a long time to load when filtering with multiple list box widgets.
  • #520508 – Fixed the issue where a 502 Bad gateway error was encountered when using a custom attribute and dashboard parameter in a web data source.
  • Fixed the issue with the filtering of date values in the “view underlying data” section.
  • Fixed the issue of data source changes not being reflected when downloading the dashboard.
  • Resolved the issue where URL linking does not work when using another URL as the value.
  • Resolved the issue with dashboard parameters not retaining the date format according to the timezone.
  • Resolved the issue where the background color of the SSAS connection field was different on the design canvas.
  • Fixed the issue where the start range parameter value was not working in the measure formatting window.

Data sources

  • #523191 – Improved the error message while connecting to an empty collection in MongoDB Connector.
  • #522140 – Resolved an issue in which the Excel file could not be connected if it contained a hyperlink value in a column.
  • #524259 – Resolved the “Refresh failed” error when publishing the dashboard to another site.
  • #523433 – Resolved the issue where the Alias name is not changed, and an error occurs on unhiding columns in the Query Designer page.
  • #523126 – Resolved the issue of being unable to join the shared table if the web API live data source is used with basic authentication.
  • #522234 – Resolved the issue where joined tables are lost when canceling the reconnection to the data source.
  • #524431 – Fixed the issue of incorrect values for the Expression column calculation in Google Big Query.
  • #524863 – Resolved the error that throws “INVALID ARGUMENT” when dividing two expressions in Google Big Query.
  • #521302 – Resolved the data retrieval error when using the IF expression in Google Big Query.
  • #517483 – Resolved the Grid widget paging count issue while using the Web API live data source.
  • #511011 – Resolved the issue where the user filter shows all data for users in the group-level filters.
  • #524367 – Supported UUID format support in MongoDB Connector.
  • #525333 – The zero data retrieved issue was resolved. It occurs randomly in live web API data sources when editing the data source from the server side.
  • #527305 – Resolved the Unable to connect google-analytics 4 for data source.
  • #518194 – Resolved data retrieval error while binding calculated column/expression field in Pie chart.
  • Resolved the issue of facing problems when applying Data Sampling in Azure Data Explorer.
  • Resolved the issue where the Dashboard and Datasource are not rendering properly after upgrading from build 5.3 to the latest.
  • Resolved the issue of being unable to connect to the shared table in WEB API live mode Datasource.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to create the Char expression in Snowflake.
  • Fixed the issue where the string expression CHAR is not working as expected in MYSQL IMDb.
  • Resolved the issue where the TOP N filter causes a data retrieval issue in Google Big Query.
  • Added limitation of Cross JOIN Support in Azure Data Explorer.
  • Fixed the issue of the summary row not showing in the Grid widget when using the Web API Live data source.


  • Fixed the issue in the cloud environment where font customization support is not applied to the exporting in JS-based embedding.
  • Shown valid error message when a dashboardId is passed in the datasourceId parameter in JS-based DataSource embedding.
  • Shown valid error message when embedding the widget without detail in JS-based embedding.
  • Fixed an issue where the saved view name is not showing in the filterOverview panel in JS-based embedding.


  • #524728 – Fixed the issue of getting a group list in the v5.0 version of REST API when the site is deployed in PostgreSQL.
  • #516798 – Fixed the issue where the user’s email was not fully visible in the profile dialog when the email had a longer length.
  • Fixed the inconsistency in schedule editing by restricting converting alert schedules to normal export schedules.
  • Fixed issue in fetching published items with REST API when site deployed with MySQL and MSSQL in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed an issue where more than one expression could not be added in the Data Alert Schedule Email Editor dialog.
  • Fixed the issue where the validation message was not hidden when we inserted the expression in the scheduled email subject.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments were being sent as corrupted when the recipient had an external domain in on-premise deployments.

Breaking Changes

  • #512606 – Removed the fips standards from Map widget shape file mapping as it conflit with the ISO standards.

Internal Items


  • Changed the text Bold BI Embedded to Bold BI Enterprise in on-premise deployments.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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