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Bold BI Release History - 6.19


Released on December 26, 2023


  • Provided IntelliSense support for custom attributes and dashboard parameters in the data source creation window.
  • Limited data sampling max value to 1 million.
  • #525254 – Provided support to use code view mode data source in download and upload for web data source.
  • #523940 – Provided download and upload support for joined Excel data sources.
  • #514624 – Provided support to skip invalid sheets and create Excel data sources.


  • Improved the Date Picker usability over the buttons, textbox, and calendar.


  • Provided data source level settings to customize the Null & Blank values using the “Replace Values” feature.
  • Added support to show the last data refresh time for each widget in the widget container for Auto Refresh feature.
  • Added support to allow users to bypass schema validation in case of schema mismatches in dashboard upload dialog.


  • Provided support to save the view as default view in JS-based embedding like in Bold BI server.
  • Provided API to show/hide the export option and select column button in the ViewUnderlying data popup in JS-based embedding.


  • Added support to inherit setting from UMS, which helps configure and manage common settings for all tenants in a single place.
  • Improved the refresh history dialog to show completed refreshes and missing refreshes as separate tabs for clear details.
  • Added support for checking the status of already running data source refreshes from the refresh history dialog.

Bug Fixes

Data Sources

  • #529310 – Resolved an issue where view underlying data is not working in data sources created using custom attributes in the source connection.
  • #529094 – Resolved an issue where the label parameter is not working with data sources created using custom attributes in the source connection.
  • #524083 – Resolved an issue where the Query Execution time was not logged properly for the Google Big Query connection.
  • #518306 – Resolved the problem where the Edit connection is disabled after reconnecting the Usage analytics dashboard data sources.
  • #529424 – Resolved the issue where it’s not possible to use Current User Email in expressions.
  • #524855 – Resolved the problem with duplicate tables getting added after reconnecting in the edit connection.
  • #526657 – Displaying a proper error message when editing the data source on the dashboard if the data source is not available.
  • #529289 – Fixed the issue where it was not possible to remove the table from the data source designer.
  • #528818 – Resolved the problem where Data source refresh is not working properly for SQL data sources.
  • #525669 – Resolved the unhandled error logged in the logs when using the web API live data source on the designer end.
  • #526837 – Added a limitation when using Declare @Table in Code view.
  • #524951 – Resolved the issue that occurs when using the custom query data source in a combine data source.
  • #522128 – Resolved the issue where the MongoDB ODBC connection failed to connect.
  • Resolved the issue of being unable to connect the DATEADD expression in PostgreSQL IMDB.
  • Resolved the console error when editing and deleting a custom connector from the connector page.
  • Restricted the ability to add a data source without a name on the query designer page.
  • Resolved the issue where the Microsoft Kaizala connector name is hidden in the dark theme.
  • Resolved the problem with the wrong count showing in the custom connector on the Custom Connector page.
  • Modified the numeric expression display text instead of the expression in the SUMD expression.
  • Restricted the search field if the user searches for empty space in the search fields on the Query Designer page.
  • Added a limitation for Full Outer Join with the != function in PostgreSQL.
  • Resolved the issue where it was unable to reconnect while ensuring Edit Connection in Google connector.
  • Resolved the issue when switching MYSQL DS from extract to live mode in Edit Connection.
  • Resolved the “Object reference not set” error while viewing the user in an empty user group in User Filter.
  • Resolved performance delay in post-designer action API calls for dashboards with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL connections.


  • #523172 – Fixed an issue where the option to enable or disable ‘View underlying data’ in Bing Map was unavailable.
  • #527141 – Resolved the uneven text size in RTE while using the auto-fit content property.
  • #527532, #525350 – Resolved the child widget resize issue in the Tab widget.
  • Fixed the ‘More’ options alignment issue for Number Card and KPI widgets.
  • Fixed the breadcrumb value not changing when drill-down is applied on TreeMap and HeatMap widgets after renaming.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Summary Row’ was not included randomly in Excel export.
  • Resolved the ‘Summary Row Expression Dialog’ not shown issue when creating an expression.
  • Fixed the subtitle visibility issue for the TextFilter widget.
  • Fixed the ListBox boolean type field configuration displaying an improper value.
  • Fixed the data visibility issue for the Combine and Tab widgets.
  • Resolved the Tab widget delete operation-related issue when configured with Filter widgets.
  • Fixed the ‘Axis Range’ alignment-related issues for Chart widgets.
  • Resolved the tooltip visibility issue in the scatter chart when configuring numeric fields for the X and Y axes.
  • Resolved the configuration-related issues for dynamic parameter support in ‘Axis Range.’
  • Resolved the issue where the Date Picker can select the date apart from the limit dates.
  • Fixed the Excel or CSV export failure issue when the Grid widget rendered with no data.


  • #524446 – Fixed the issue where the selected value was not shown properly while using the dashboard parameter in the combo box widget.
  • #527904 – Fixed the issue where the scrollable dashboard was not visible when adding a widget at the end.
  • #526990 – Resolved the issue where the custom font family was not applied in the filter overview dialog.
  • #531050 – Fixed the issue where widget linking was not working when using the dashboard parameter.
  • #510711 – Fixed the usability issue in the Auto Refresh Settings window.
  • Resolved the issue of Excel and CSV export not working with (Null) and (Blanks) values.
  • Fixed the issue of the Date type dashboard parameter not working in the code view.
  • Fixed the issue of the Icon separator not showing in the JavaScript-based embedding in view mode.
  • Fixed the error message not being proper when a custom attribute is used in the code view.
  • Fixed the issue where a dashboard parameter could be created with a space value.
  • Resolved the issue where the Excel export failed for sample dashboards.
  • Fixed the issue of the Include and Exclude options collapsing in the Dashboard Parameter window.
  • Resolved the issue where renaming the data source after dragging the widget from the existing widget list caused a problem.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Select All” dashboard list checkbox was not working properly in the dashboard upload action.
  • Resolved the issue of the info and export format collapsing between two dashboards in the multi-tab menu.
  • Fixed the UI glitches in the PDF export window.
  • Fixed the issue of widget selection maintenance in the Design canvas.
  • Resolved the scroller issue in the Widget properties panel.


  • Fixed the error prompt which shows multiple times when try to embed multi-tab dashboard in design mode.
  • Fixed the console error shown while updating the views in iframe based embedding.


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect dashboard URL does not redirect properly when switching to the design dashboard.
  • Fixed the inconsistency of character length validation in different places of adding and updating items.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip is not properly aligned on permission listing page.
  • Fixed an issue where the “get embed code” dialog has style issues when accessed after inserting a template dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the clear icon is not showing in the search input in the insert sample dashboard dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where publishing a dashboard from advanced mode does not properly validate the details.
  • Fixed an issue where the bulk user import job is not showing if the user is deleted or deactivated.
  • Fixed the footer alignment issue on the bulk user import result page.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate refresh jobs are added with a status of failed.
  • Fixed an issue where refresh is still showing as running even when the refresh is completed.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed custom attribute and dashboard parameter support for description field in create data source window.
  • Removed query and user details from Post Designer Action API call response in browser developer console.
  • Enhanced the Chart primary axis title’s text from displaying a simple text ‘Values’ to displaying a field name when more than one field is configured.

Important Note

  • We changed our configuration file from XML to JSON. We suggest modifying config.json for any configuration changes, and config.xml will be available as a backup for the next few releases.
  • You need to use the updated embed JS version, hosted in https://cdn.boldbi.com/embedded-sdk/v6.19.14/boldbi-embed.js.
Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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