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Bold BI Release History - 6.2


Released on April 10, 2023



  • #431438: Handled caching the Virtual Scrolling data of Widgets when data cache is enabled.
  • #445498: Theme color customization support for Data Cache Configuration Page in on-premise deployments.
  • #418917: Display all types of data columns in the Display Field in the dashboard parameter.
  • #421182: Aggregation Filter support in the measure filtering section.
  • #393583,#406177: Support to provide Quote Removal syntax when using dashboard parameter.

Data Source

  • #443184 – Code view execution time reduced to 2 sec while Run/Save the data source.
  • #436764- Display the email ID and user count in the users/groups list for the unique identification in the user-based filter.


  • #425083 – Enabled TLS 1.3 support for Bold BI.
  • #425431 – Enhanced default page messages to display the permission status of the user in cases where the permission to create a resource is not granted.


  • #421696 – Showcase a filtered data connector list in embedding based on whether they are enabled or disabled on the Bold BI Server.

Bug Fixes


  • #445988: BoldBI Font Family not getting applied in the embedded sample is resolved.
  • #426948: While scrolling through the design canvas, the focus is not retained in the selected widget is resolved.
  • #430263: Removed unused and junk images from the dashboard location.
  • #430079: Unrecognized GUID Exception throws while loading dashboards in random scenarios are resolved.
  • #439178: Fixed the Public Dashboard not getting launched when the data cache is enabled.
  • #427056: Fixed the PDF/Image exporting was not working for the Spanish culture format.
  • #434830: Fixed the Dashboard Parameter value getting reset while filtering using combobox.
  • #416128: Fixed the issue while maximizing the widget, the export icon is visible even after disabling Export Options.
  • #432311: Fixed the exported excel data format that was different from the original format for Spanish culture.
  • #425125: Fixed the issue of adding a widget from the existing dashboard not working when another widget loading is in progress.
  • #423488: Fixed the slave widget was not filtered based on dashboard parameter and date picker value.
  • #428256: Fixed the combo box showing wrong data while virtual scrolling.
  • #427977: Fixed the data duplication while exporting Excel and CSV with large sets of data.
  • #433619: Fixed the display name not getting reflected after changing the date format in the auto hierarchy.
  • #447530: Fixed the Exclude filter action not working when we filter column data in the dimension filter.
  • #440578,#440611: Fixed the stored procedure value was updated while using the dashboard parameter when data cache is enabled.
  • #436834,#448230: Fixed the External publishing dashboard not working while using the combined data source.
  • #441720,#442556: Fixed the header color doesn’t maintain in the Tab widget.
  • #425972, #426790: Dashboard parameter for UK culture had an issue with maintaining the correct date type format has been fixed.
  • #440152: Fixed the styling glitch while hovering over the User List dropdown in Preview Mode.
  • #431398,#443495, #443246: Fixed the Parameter filtering is not fetching updated data when the data cache is enabled.
  • #440151: Deprecated storage information icon from the design canvas toolbar in syncfusion managed cloud hosted solution.
  • Fixed the exported PDF/Image file that was not downloaded with the updated theme.
  • Inter widget Linking Actions was getting disabled while navigating from preview/view to design mode is resolved.
  • Fixed the issue with localized text getting overlapped in the Assign Data Tab section.
  • Fixed the issue of Localized text not getting updated in the Assign Data Search Box section.
  • Widget listing is not getting updated in the tab widget properties under the widget order section is resolved.
  • After enabling the data cache in Redis mode, the error thrown while rendering sample dashboards has been resolved.


  • #439435 – Fixed scatter chart legend visibility issue.
  • #440468, #434980, #445711 – Fixed the issue in deleting the Grid widget with No Data to be displayed.
  • #427738 – Fixed Grid KPI Column performance delay in rendering.
  • #430067 – Fixed Bing Maps and Map Panning Issue.
  • #450083 – Tooltip issue in scatter chart.
  • #448176 – Fixed chart drill up issue.
  • #436864 – Fixed chart custom legend settings issue on filtering.
  • #425043 – Fixed pivot grid inline filtering issue.
  • #435670 – Fixed Grid widget conditional formatting icon rendering issue.
  • #439435, #450786 – Fixed scatter chart legend visibility issue.
  • Fixed line widget vertical mode alignment issue.
  • Fixed heatmap gradient color customization issue.
  • Fixed issue in Heatmap Gradient Colors.
  • Fixed heatmap axis labels visibility issue in widget maximize.

Data Source

  • #432460 – Fixed a data retrieval error caused by deadlock and BeginExecuteReader-related issues.
  • #443367 – Resolved an issue where the weekday name was not displaying correctly in the Amazon Athena data source.
  • #442157 – Fixed a Type mismatch exception that occurred while clicking on a widget in the Amazon Athena data source.
  • #446946 – Resolved an issue where the incorrect total row count was displayed in the view underlying data dialog for the Amazon Athena data source.
  • #445980 – Fixed a data retrieval error that occurred due to a nested expression in the scheduled PDF export.
  • #447383 – Resolved a data mismatch issue in the grid widget when a week-year format column was configured.
  • #440697 – Fixed an issue where an expression was unavailable after moving the report to another tenant.
  • #447893 – Fixed an Object reference exception when opening the published dashboard.
  • #449117 – Resolved an issue where only 1000 records were exported to CSV or Excel in the Amazon Athena data source.
  • #447101 – Fixed an issue in updating a copied data source using REST API.
  • #449743 – Resolved an issue with incorrect sorting for the date column aggregated with a day of the week function in the Amazon Athena data source.
  • #442989 – The fiscal year will now be correctly applied for calculated expressions.
  • #427738 – An error message related to invalid parameters in expression will no longer occur when using a dashboard parameter in code view mode for the MySQL data source.
  • #444240 – Users can now select a table while connecting to the IBM DB2 data source using the ODBC connector.
  • #440745 – The rank filter will now work properly while pagination is enabled in the grid widget.
  • #439834 – Fixed the MongoDB exception that occurs during data import.
  • #433186 – Fixed the issue where Live connection schemas are not removed from LOOKUPTABLE after deletion from the UI.
  • #435758 – Fixed the invalid token issue for GoHighLevel.
  • #429895 – Fixed the issue where the schema cannot be dropped in live web connection.
  • #9853 – Fixed the Excel error that occurs when the column name is empty or whitespace.
  • #445566 – Fixed UI glitches in the file size warning dialog.
  • #446921 – Displayed the invalid file error message properly when connecting to a file-related datasource.
  • #450305 – Fixed the refresh failure in SharePoint datasource when in expression and user filters.
  • Fixed the refresh failure in the 42matters data source.
  • Fixed the refresh failure in clubready data sources when in code view mode.
  • Fixed the refresh failure in the Mailchimp data source.
  • Fixed the issue where data shows as null in widgets when using a dashboard parameter.
  • Fixed the wrong error message that appears when a collection is removed from MongoDB.
  • Fixed a UI glitch that occurs when multiple collections are selected in the MongoDB edit connection.
  • #440725 – Fixed total expression not saved in code view mode.


  • #435768, #435914 – Fixed an issue where external sites couldn’t be added if the URL didn’t end with a slash (/) in on-premise deployments.
  • #447607 – Fixed an error that displayed the Bold BI logo instead of the white-labeled logo on certain error pages.
  • Fixed an issue with tenant creation when multiple instances of BI Web pod were running in kubernetes and docker based on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed automatic recycling of WebJobs to ensure uninterrupted scheduled service running in windows based on-premise deployment.


  • #446388 – Fixed login page redirection issue from the forgot password page.

Breaking Changes


  • Removing Storage Information Details: Storage Information was introduced since we initially had the plan to set restrictions on the amount of data that can be used by the user to extract the data in the cloud. As it is no longer required, the Option to view the data storage will be hidden from this release in syncfusion managed cloud hosted solution.

Important Note


Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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