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Bold BI Release History - 6.4


Released on May 08, 2023

New Features


  • You can now download dashboards as BBIX files onto your machine and upload them to any site for easy sharing and portability. You can now download dashboards as BBIX files onto your machine and upload them to any site for easy sharing and portability. You can now download dashboards as BBIX files onto your machine and upload them to any site for easy sharing and portability.


Data Sources

  • #431270 – Upgraded Help Scout data source connection with v2 APIs and improved UI for a better user experience.
  • #452169 – The PostgreSQL connector now supports extracting a specific table during the creation process. This will help resolve the reconnect timeout issue.


  • Azure blob connection strings and access keys, previously kept in plain text, now include encryption in on-premise deployments.
  • In the download diagnostic logs, an option to download configuration files has been added in on-premise deployments.
  • #437255 – Added a robots.txt file and provided the option to update its contents in on-premise deployments.

Bug Fixes


  • #453482 – Improved data fetching time for View Underlying Data with large data.
  • #456696 – Resolved the issue where the Include or Exclude selection in one parameter affected another.
  • #452458 – Fixed misaligned column headers in View Underlying Data.
  • #426833 – Fixed the issue with reloading entire widgets in the tab widget when only one widget was reloaded.


  • #454051 – Fixed Line chart empty point mode issue while configuring row field with null values.
  • #446767 – Fixed tabbed widget shadow property not working issue.
  • #449180 – Fixed an issue with the chart image in export when animation is enabled in the chart.
  • #386720- Fixed an issue with changing the measure formatting of the Bing Map tooltip column.
  • #436111 – Fixed the grid data retrieval error while adding the summary row for the file that has a null value.
  • #449664 – Fixed the Issue of viewing the underlying data displaying incorrect data from the chart drill-down level.
  • #448774 – Fixed heatmap sorting issue when custom sorting was applied to the field.
  • #449578 – Removed the unwanted pivot grid empty header space.
  • #400356 – Resolved the ej2 script conflicts with Bold BI SDK.

Data Sources

  • Fixed the MongoDB error message issue that occurred when connected to an empty database.
  • Fixed the issue with mixed time elapsed and refresh success status for single data source refresh.
  • #454005 – Fixed the difficulty in identifying column names in the query filter dialog.
  • #448256 – Resolved an issue where the incorrect data source refresh status was displayed for live mode data source connections after canceling the reconnection to extract mode.
  • #443579 – Retrying data retrieval if SSL authentication errors occur in the MYSQL data source.
  • #440697 – Fixed the issue where an expression is unavailable after moving the report to another tenant.
  • #432883 – Resolved the issue of creating a MySQL data source in extract mode with tables consisting of more than 150 columns.
  • #438554 – Fixed the issue where the summary of an expression field was not working in the pivot grid.
  • Fixed the issue where expressions could not be saved for Snowflake, Clickhouse, and Google BigQuery data sources.


  • Resolved an issue where users were able to click on the connected site delete option multiple times in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed issue where users were able to create the same sites as connected sites twice in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed incorrect link showing for the data source on the published resource page in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed alignment issue in the widget search field for the email content editor in the data alert schedule.


  • #429332 – Fixed an issue in site creation when using a unique identifier as the username in on-premise deployments.


  • The console issue for removing dashboard embedding filters has been fixed.
  • The group-based authorization 401 issue in JS-based embedding has been fixed.

Breaking changes


  • Shadow property of the widget will not change automatically after this release when the widget is dragged into the combined or tabbed widget. If the user wants to disable it, this must be done manually for each widget.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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