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Bold BI Release History - 6.8


Released on July 05, 2023



  • Provide support to utilize dashboard parameters in URL linking.


  • #400185 – Enhanced the size of the number card in mobile mode.
  • #461847 – Improved the position of the conditional formatting icon in the grid widget.
  • #451843 – Provided color customization support in Grid Excel exporting.
  • #451834 – Provided a Pivot grid excel exporting structure with applied color customization.
  • Implemented support to hide or show tooltips based on data fields.
  • Added an option to customize the grand total text in the Pivot Grid.
  • Added support to render the Bing map based on the ‘Search’ API.
  • #466808 – Provided support to select multiple rows in grid widget for filter interaction.

Data Sources

  • Provided cross-join support for the join module.
  • Implemented pagination for the iterative parameter with multiple URLs.
  • 2x performance improved for moving the huge amount of excel related data source data to a database.


  • Provided support for JavaScript-based embedding of the Public dashboard rendering without AuthorizationServer API.
  • To eliminate the waiting popup in dashboard embedding, the hidewaitingpopup method was introduced.

Bug Fixes


  • #477347 – Fixed the issue where the export icon tooltip was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where filter text style is not applied on exported pdf/image while using a dark theme.
  • Fixed the issue where No data was getting displayed in View Underlying data when a measure field was included while showcasing data.
  • Fixed the issue where the tick mark color of checkboxes was not visible in dark theme mode.
  • The issue where filtering was not functioning when using the date picker in preview mode has been resolved.


  • #473380 – Resolved the virtual scrolling issue in the grid widget when multiple fields were configured (horizontal scroll bar enabled).
  • #460846 – Fixed the “given key not found in dictionary” error when applying color customization.
  • #461929 – Addressed the issue where the Scatter chart was not rendering after upgrading to the latest version.
  • #472565 – Fixed the problem with the PDF export of the combine widget not displaying properly when filter information is disabled.
  • #471446 – Resolved the issue with date formatting not working correctly in the pivot grid.
  • #473062 – Fixed the failure of Grid Excel exporting when the column linking had null values.
  • Fixed the issue where the selection was not maintained in the search when more than 100 records were configured in the combo box.
  • Fixed the box shadow problem applied to widgets inside the combined widget.
  • Fixed the alignment issue of widgets inside the tab widget.

Data Sources

  • #474187 – Fixed the issue where the dashboard upload failed while using two data sources in code view mode.
  • Fixed the schema mismatch problem that occurred when uploading an Amazon Redshift data source dashboard.
  • #471905 – Fixed custom connector got disabled if we edit the custom connector issue.
  • #476206 – Fixed the issue table name is not updated in the lookup table for the copied data sources.
  • #475194 – Resolved an issue where a dynamic connection string didn’t use the provided schema.
  • #474670 – Fixed a problem where filtering wasn’t working if the value had single quotes.
  • #476144 – Supported the Fresh service connector with the API Key Authentication User Interface.
  • #475457 – Handled the issue of a column not existing while creating a data source.
  • Fixed an issue by Clicking the update button after creating an expression that resulted in an error in Google Big Query, Snowflake DS, and Click House.
  • #476206 – Fixed the reported issue where updating the table name or column name via API showed a success message, but the data was not being modified.
  • #470872 – Fixed the issue in the Popup where instead of an object reference error, the proper error message is now displayed. This issue was related to query execution.
  • #469047 – Resolved the timeout issues in custom query extract mode where there are large data and more columns in the table.
  • #470786 – Resolved the tree view schema loading issue in the ODBC Oracle connector.
  • #468145 – Fixed the MySQL stored procedure connectivity issue with SSH enabled.
  • #453926 – Fixed the issue in the Nested IF expression with contains function.
  • Fixed an issue in Date filters in query filters that threw an object reference issue.
  • Fixed null reference issue in view of underlying data.


  • #473242 – Fixed the issue where removing users from a group is not working when the entire application gets embedded in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the tooltip alignment issue on the version history dialog.
  • Fixed the issue in the schedule where the image export is created with a resolution value of 0.
  • Fixed the issue in the back navigation by adding a button to the bulk user import result page.
  • Fixed the issue in the schedule where the webhook shows inactive text for the selected label.
  • Fixed the issue in the sample dashboard where reopening the dialog shows the existing search value.
  • Fixed the issue in the group list page where removing a user duplicated multiple items in the dropdown.
  • Fixed the alignment issue where the options for delete and assign group were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed the footer alignment issue on the pinboard and site credential pages.
  • Fixed the tooltip showing incorrectly for the site in the publish dashboard dialog in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue in the multi-tab dialog where the unlisted label is not showing when the name is lengthier.


  • Fixed the Pinboard Header issue that occurs when the Unpin Widget API is disabled in Pinboard Embedding.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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