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Bold BI Release History - 6.9


Released on July 19, 2023

New Features

Data Sources

  • Added the Performance Monitor Dashboard & Query Monitoring Dashboard in Usage Analytics Dashboards to monitor the dashboard query performance.



  • #448233 – Provided the support to use shared table and combine data source in the publish module.


  • #466930, #461752 – Provided support to add custom map shape files.
  • #457494 – Exposed an option to show or hide the ‘All’ option in the multi-selection combo box.
  • #472359 – Provided support to the column alignment in the Grid and Pivot Grid Excel exporting.
  • #453976 – Support to add more than one column in the ‘Text Filter’ widget is included.
  • Provided the ‘Autofit Content’ support in RTE, which allows the text to adjust its size based on the space available.

Data Sources

  • #472766 – Provided string_agg expression support in PostgreSQL.
  • #457496 – Provided multiple Group join support.
  • Supported custom parsing for Mention endpoints in the YouScan connector.
  • #454574 – Provided support for append data source using a single file.


  • Provided support to disable the dashboard and data source update through the publish module dashboard synchronization feature in on-premise deployments.

Bug Fixes


  • #474167 – Fixed the problem with the combo box, filter not cleared due to the filter icon.
  • #471204 – Fixed the issue, where the Drop: down text box displays ‘All’ instead of showing that value when there is only one option.
  • #473008 – Fixed the summary row horizontal scrolling issue when more fields are configured in the grid.
  • Fixed the ‘Data labels getting cut off’ issue in the Proportional chart.
  • Resolved the issue where the Alternate row color does not maintain when advanced conditional formatting is applied.
  • Fixed the ‘tree map empty container’ issue when performing drill down.
  • Resolved the improper subtitle alignment issue on maximizing the widgets.
  • Fixed the issue in the Widgets Order property, where the reorder of the widget is not working in the tab and combine widget.
  • Fixed the Conditional Formatting dialog box’s UI issue when Null Formatting is set as specific.
  • Resolved the issue, where the color is not set to the linking text in the RTE widget.

Data Sources

  • #470786 – Resolved ODBC data source connectivity issues.
  • #481301, #480420 – Resolved issues in using aggregated expressions in widgets.
  • #480499 – Resolved exception while previewing the table in Azure Data Explorer data source.
  • Fixed row count displayed as zero in elastic search connector.
  • Fixed issues in extracting MySQL stored procedures with SSH connection.
  • Resolved issue in display of the Horizontal scroll bar in the data preview window of code view mode data sources.
  • Resolved issue in applying time zone-based data display for SQL Server connector.
  • Resolved UI glitches in the user-based filter window.
  • Fixed issue in Single store data source displaying MySQL image when performing edit connection.
  • Resolved the issue in configuring the image widget. Now the image widget can be configured properly.
  • #476840 – Fixed a schema mismatch error that occurred when uploading dashboards with stored procedure tables.
  • #478315 – Resolved an issue where tables were not retrieved from the Amazon Redshift data source in Extract mode.
  • #477343 – Resolved the issue where the total row count is zero for stored procedures.
  • #481303 – Resolved the issue of the data field conversion not working for MySQL IMDB.
  • Resolved the issue where only 100 records were showing in the template dashboard for the own data.
  • #479631 – Resolved the issue where the refresh failed in the SharePoint data source.
  • Fixed description text not visible for Google Sheets data source issue.
  • #473335 – Fixed Null reference exception occurs while executing the code view mode query.


  • #481599 – Fixed the issue where the download dashboard fails when the full application is embedded into another site in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where scheduled user synchronization from another directory can be configured without valid recurrence details.
  • Fixed the issue where the user imported using the bulk user import option shows access denied.
  • Fixed the issue in importing users from CSV files through the REST API.


  • Fixed the scroller issue in multi-tab dashboard embedding’s Dashboard Parameter panel.
  • Fixed the More Options UI glitches in Pinboard embedding.
  • Handled drag and drop for the text widget in the Pinboard embedding.
  • Resolved the issue with images exporting for both widgets and dashboards where the resolution DPI wasn’t configured properly.
  • Fixed the issue in pinboard embedding; it is necessary to provide a widget name while adding a new widget to pinboard.
  • Embedding the data source and connection in the loadDesigner method is not supported.
  • Fixed the UI glitch in view underlying data in Pinboard embedding.
  • Fixed the issue when an invalid dashboard path and pinboard name are provided in JS embedding.

Breaking changes


  • By default, the Bing Map related file loading is disabled to avoid unwanted delays in dashboard loading. To enable Bing Map rendering, you can enable it by setting the isBingMapRequired member to true in JS embedding.

Known Bugs

Data Sources

  • string_agg expression in PostgreSQL won’t work for the Pivot Grid widget.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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