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Bold BI Release History - 7.1


Released on January 18, 2024

New Features


  • #471167, #520026 – Added AI-powered Q&A widget (preview) to simplify data-to-chart conversion via natural language commands.



  • #521457 – Enhanced the Grid widget’s wrap mode support from simultaneously wrapping both the Header and Content text to individually wrapping the Header and Content.
  • #528967 – Reduced the minimum Page Size count in the Grid widget from 10 to 0.
  • #530215 – Provided support to rename the field columns of the assigned data section in the KPI and Number Card Widget.
  • Improved the Date Picker range mode’s textbox usability by displaying the placeholder text.


  • #468106 – Provided support for customizing the PDF page size option in the PDF export.
  • Provided functionality to replace values in Number and Date type columns.
  • Implemented support to enable maximize in the child widget of the tab/combine widget.


  • #506418 – Enhanced the user interface for listing data sources to display the number of associated dashboards.
  • #499676 – Implemented functionality to allow the addition of users to groups that have been imported from external directories.


  • #501899 – REST API to update the font and themes.

Bug Fixes


  • #504121 – Resolved the dashboard not responding issue when configuring 40+ column in Proportional (Pie) Chart widget.
  • Fixed the range and theming-related issues in Date Picker.
  • Fixed the Date Picker calendar not highlighting issue when Range is enabled.
  • Fixed the Excel export file showing different KPI background colors compared to the Grid widget.
  • Fixed the Excel exporting failed issue when performing exporting greater than the MS Excel row limit.
  • Fixed an issue where the text format in the text widget resets back to default (Paragraph) when set to Heading 1,2,3 & 4 formats.
  • Resolved an issue where the Range Navigator throws an exception when configuring multiple fields in the Value section.
  • Resolved an issue where the Gird widget column linking format is improper in Excel exporting.

Data Sources

  • FR48645 – Fixed the issue in uploading data sources that use custom attributes as source connections.
  • Fixed the unexpected character encountered an issue on data source creation.
  • #525153 – Resolved the issue where the Unauthorized error occurs randomly for Oauth data source refresh schedule.
  • #530064 – Fixed the problem where the Refresh fails in MongoDB when duplicate columns are present in the collection.
  • #531589 – Resolved the problem where the stored procedure with parameters is not working properly in query mode.
  • #531589 – Fixed the issue where the @ symbol cannot be used in the parameter value when executing parameterized stored procedure in code view.
  • #531589 – Resolved the error stating that the column name or number of supplied values does not match the table definition.
  • #529579 – Fixed the Data Retrieval Error that occurs when using the Store Procedure in MariaDB.
  • #536537 – Resolved the issue where the divided expression was incorrectly calculated in the Snowflake data source.
  • #536069 – Resolved an issue where the IF expression contains special characters.
  • #530559 – Resolved the issue of being unable to use token authentication with the single mode type dashboard parameter.
  • #534867 – Resolved the issue where list mode dashboard parameters were not functioning in the header.
  • #530981 – Resolved the problem of the MongoDB Collection not being listed in the edit connection.
  • #536537 – Fixed the issue of expression not calculating properly in Snowflake.
  • #532948 – Added proper error logs to the Facebook connector functions when retrieving account details.
  • #533687 – Resolved the issue of dashboard export failures when using a parameterized connection string.
  • Resolved the issue of an empty error message occurring in the Facebook Ads connector.
  • Resolved the console error that occurs when canceling the data source connection Embedding.
  • Resolved the issue where the credentials are not retained in the Snowflake extract edit connection.
  • Fixed the problem of encrypted connection details when uploading the dashboard using Web API for non-sensitive data sources.
  • Resolved the issue where null values are not filtered using queries in a single column.
  • Resolved the unexpected behavior in the Query joiner when using the Cross join on edit mode.
  • Resolved the Refresh Fail for custom web data source.
  • Fixed the problem where it was not possible to upload Google Big Query Service data source.
  • Resolved the issue where the Label parameter was not working for Web API live ds in View mode.
  • Resolved the issue where it was not possible to use string aggregation in PostgreSQL IMDB.
  • Resolved an issue where MongoDB Collection was not listed in the edit connection.
  • Resolved the problem where applying “not between” for an integer column is not working in Snowflake.
  • #536620 – Fixed expression getting deleted when query has semi-colon in MySQL data source.
  • Resolved the console errors that occurred when creating the data source.
  • Resolved the object reference issues that occurred when switching the data sources in the dashboard for file data sources.
  • Resolved the issue in fetching user data in performance monitoring dashboard.
  • Resolved the issue in connecting to oracle data source using connection parameters from custom attributes.


  • 530113, 534474 – Added name validation support in adding pinboard to avoid invalid characters in Pinboard name.
  • 536631 – Fixed an issue where copying a dashboard along with the data source was not working.
  • 503566 – Fixed an issue where a schedule name existing error was being shown in the UI even when no schedules with that specific name existed.
  • 521847 – Fixed the issue where multiple duplicate emails were being sent to the recipient when the dashboard was configured with a dynamic connection string.
  • Fixed the issue where the get dashboard list API showed the details of unlisted dashboards.
  • Fixed the issue where the style was not getting applied when switching to any category and then opening a dialog.
  • Fixed the issue where the description was not fully visible by adding a tooltip on the sample dashboard dialog.
  • Fixed the issue where the logo was not visible on the dashboard embedded login page.
  • Fixed the issue with showing failure notification when schedule creation fails.


  • Fixed the console issue while clicking the export of dashboard in JS-based embedding.
  • Shown a valid error message if invalid itemId or widget name is provided with special character in the pinboard JS-based embedding.


  • #534485 – Fixed the issue where the filter data was not shown properly in the master slave filter interaction.
  • #533027 – Fixed the issue where the description icon was not visible in mobile mode.
  • #534772 – Resolved the issue where column values were not changed correctly when using another language.
  • #532263 – Fixed the issue where the label parameter text style was not changed in the widget title.
  • Fixed the usability issue in the dashboard publish window.
  • Fixed the UI glitches in the image export resolution, changing buttons not being visible.
  • Fixed the issue while publishing the dashboard with widgets in the design canvas.
  • Resolved the issue where the dashboard icons disappeared when the dashboard was resized in view mode.
  • Resolved the issue in specific use cases where the export button was not visible in preview mode.
  • Resolved the issue of the information icon collapsing in the dashboard radio button in mobile mode.
  • Fixed the issue when applying the initial filter via the list box in view mode.
  • Fixed the usability issue in the dashboard parameter window.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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